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    Plugin category: MECHANICS

    Suggested name: Special Quiz

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where you have a config and you can enter there multiple questions and answers to them, finally these would be announced to the server, for every hour one question like this:

    ------- Server Quiz -------
    What's the name of the smallest country?
    Enter /k <answer> to answer

    when players enter /k and answer wrong , their answer will be announced so:
    And7rey says the answer is: Singapore
    CheeseCake77 says the answer is: Liechtenstein

    and so on. ( If there's no question then a message would pop up like: There's nothing to answer on) After a while when nobody answers or nobody answers correctly , the server would announce some help (help would be also added to the config to each question)

    Here is some help: Vati_ _ _ _ _ _ _

    maybe if still nobody answers correctly then

    Here is some more help: Vatica_ _ _ _ _

    If nobody answers after about 1 minute:

    Nobody got the correct answer, the right answer is Vatican City

    If someone answers correctly then:

    And7rey answered correctly!
    The answer is Vatican City

    And everybody else who answers correctly but about 1 second after the first person

    CheeseCake77 answered too late. Haha!
    Notch answered too late. Haha!
    Dinnerbone answered to late. Haha!

    The person who answers correctly gets a QuizPoint. You could check your quizpoint by entering /quizpoint :

    You have 1 quizpoint

    And finally, players could buy stuff with quizpoints from the quizshop, so when a player enters /purchase, then a list will appear with things you can purchase, items would be addable within the config, and there would be some pre-made things like this:

    ------{ Page 1/3 }----------------
    home - Ability to set a home (3 QP)
    newhome - Ability to move your home to a different location (5QP)
    head - Get your own head (3 QP)
    immort - 5 minutes immortality (7 QP)
    speed - 15 minutes speed (4 QP)
    jump - 15 minutes high jump (3QP)
    night_vision - 15 minutes night vision (4 QP)
    vanish - 15 minutes invisibility (8 QP)

    and you could buy things buy entering /purchase <and the name>

    Ideas for commands: /k <answer> - Answering on a question

    Ideas for permissions: specialquiz.answer

    When I'd like it by: ASAP :) , I know it's long and complicated but I would be really happy if someone would like to make this plugin. They could also upload it on curse and use it on their own server.
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