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    I want/need a plugin that when a player dies it will instantly put new armor and items on the player.

    Version: 1.20.1

    commands: /sk gui

    In the gui i can make a new kit that everyone has a chance to spawn with(armor will spawn on the player).
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    This should do what you need, lmk if there's any problems!

    - /spawnkits - opens the GUI to add items to the spawn kit (/sk works as an alias)

    spawnkits.gui - Allows access to the /spawnkits command to open the gui
    spawnkits.receive - Allows player to receive spawn kit

    Messages and prefix are editable in the config.yml

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    Is this 1.20.1?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You asked for it, so probably.
    And else: plugins aren't that much depending on versions.
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    No problem!

    Sorry been away for Christmas so haven't seen this until now. I just checked and its using version 1.20.4 but shouldn't have any issue using it on 1.20.1 as timtower said. If its not working let me know and I can recompile with 1.20.1.
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    hey could u make it so theres like slots for kits and i want it to be random so every time u spawn it choses one of the kits i have set up @Jncwhite
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