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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by miner0914, Oct 3, 2022.

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    Suggested Name: BSpawn

    Basically, I want a plugin which can be customized in the config and has an option which sends players to the spawn on join, When a player does /spawn, It clears their inventory and heals them although I want a config which is like this

    - #command here
    - heal %player% (%player% can be a variable for the player in plugin)

    clear-inventory-on-spawn: true/false

    heal-player-on-spawn: true/false

    send-player-to-spawn-on-join: true/false

    /setspawn permission: spawn.admin.setspawn (says Spawn Set! in chat)
    /spawn - no permission (just says Teleporting to spawn in chat in orange colour)
    /spawn <player> permisson: spawn.admin.others (says Sent %player% to spawn in chat)

    FYI: please make it as efficient as possible, Im dumb and used skript before and it killed my servers TPS

    Server version: 1.18.2

    I hope someone can make this ASAP (1-3 days), I'll be really thankful I want this for my pvp server, Used skript to do this and it killed TPS
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    What do you mean with this part? Do you want to be able to put commands in the config that are executet, when the Player spawns?

    Otherwise I am done with the rest. :)
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    Some commands that will be executed when player types the /spawn command through console, the %player% being placeholder for the player name, so like if I do
    - kill %player%

    It'll execute kill miner0914 (my ign) in console then send them to spawn

    EDIT: You probably have this done but make sure it sends players to the set spawn on their death please, And please make sure people can /spawn if they're in a different world so example a player is in world "arena" and the spawn is set at world "sand" and they do /spawn and they get teleported to the set spawn at world "sand"
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    Hiya, plugin is great so far Just one thing, the spawn resets every restart and I get the following error in console:

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