Spawn Eggs - Re-enable + more

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Vas, Jul 22, 2012.

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    I would like to be able to use the spawner eggs to spawn things like normal again. Like the Iron Golem egg and the Snowman egg.

    I would also like to be able to use the other eggs to spawn their secret stuff, like the egg 200, which is the Ender Crystal entity. How possible is this to override Jeb's disabled egg spawn thing?
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    Since when were they enabled? Also how do you propose we re-add them?
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    Read what? You type /give playername 383 1 63. It gives platername 1 egg, 63 = Ender Dragon. You hover over the item to see it's name. Right?
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    I edited my previous post so It made sense.

    Also I still don't understand? Can't you use creative to just spawn them? Or even using /give if you have the right plugin...
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    Exactly all mobs have spawn eggs id I used mob catcher caught them all even babys and such and got there id
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    I can look into this, I like the idea. I really think its possible to create a plugin like this and ill do my best for it ;) (Will post my progress)
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    If you can make it so the eggs Jeb disabled work. Can you make the secret eggs work too? Like spawning an Ender Crystal with egg 383:200, that's the ender crystal's egg. No really, type /give playername 383 1 200 in game and see the egg for yourself. x3 It's part of my other idea for spawning ender crystals easily;
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    SilkSpawners with spawnEggOverride: true will let you spawn anything. Enderdragons, ender crystals, snow golems, iron golems, just about anything with an entity ID (but note some entities are not meant to be spawned in this way so be careful).

    Also it wasn't actually jeb_ that blocked some of these spawn eggs but Bukkit (at least the ender dragon egg, you can spawn it in vanilla).

    edit: ender dragon is blocked here:
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    I have made a plugin that enables you to spawn every entity by id, that the server can spawn. If you could help me make a list of all entities that this enables you to spawn i would appreciate it :D I have tested the EnderCrystal, but unfortunately I can not spawn it :( Well, anyways, it enables spawning of ignited TNT (id 20) :D
    Heres the plugin. If you think I should release it to let others use it I can. But as mushroomnostage said; There is already a plugin that does this. I have just made a lightweight version.
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    ah well, if I can't spawn certain things its not really important. I'll just use Monster Box. The thing that sucks is I can't spawn wild iron golems with eggs.

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