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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Devil0s, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I want to spawn a player entity that can everything, what a player can do like chopping wood or mine ores etc..
    I took a few looks into other threads but I don't understand the whole thing.

    Do I really have to manipulate the packets or is there an easier way??
    I want to do it from scratch. I don't want use an API.

    To spawn an villager (or another "normal" NPC) is pretty easy
            Villager villager = (Villager) spawnLocation.getWorld().spawnEntity(spawnLocation, EntityType.VILLAGER);
    I want to maipulate everything what a real player can do. Change the head degree or something like this.
    Can anyone explain the the whole technique. I mean not just which packets I have to edit but why I have to edit which packets.
    Why have I to fake a real connection (if I have to do that. I dont know. :D ).

    Thanks for helping. ;)
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    Spawning the Entity is only the start. Have fun writing a custom AI system.
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    I know the next step. That would be hard but not impossible (a simple AI). I know many smart guys who help me when I need help.
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    sorry my replay doensnt really help you but i was jw if you do learn to make custom AIs. i would love to inc it on my server if your going to share it. im making an rpg server and need better Ais lol
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    I made a entity api so you can make on a easy way new ai, but the hard way is also good. :p
    And my code is still a bit bugged.
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    1. I don't want use an API.
    2. I don't have a problem with the AI, just with the spawning, moving etc. of a player like Entity.

    Would be nice if you send me a link.
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    You'll have to manipulate packets. I haven't played around with custom player entities, but you will definitely need Spawn Named Entity(0x14) for showing your custom player entities.
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    Thank you. Thats the first helpful post. :D
    Why is there a different between player and monster entity? What's the different? Why didn't has Bukkit its own methode??
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    No one really bothered to make a pull request for it, I guess.
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