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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by XexCruz, May 7, 2015.

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    Hey everyone I really need a plugin where you can type just /chat
    There are a lot of plugins out there where you have to type /chatcolor
    But I need it to just be /chat and look like this if this is possible it would mean a lot Thanks.
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    Chestcommands with a ChatColor command froma different plugin should do it.
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    I have looked for a plugin with /chat and I cannot find one? -_-
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    I can do this. Tell me what name you want to call it, and anything else you want it to have (such as prefix, suffix or name color)
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    so u need a plugin if you write /chat then a inventory opens up with colors of wool. and if u select a color.. you can chat with the color wool you choosed?
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    @XexCruz I've made pretty much all of it (I think) I just need to work on it a bit tomorrow...
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    This looks like a really cool plugin. Would you be able to add &k which is the crazy text, as well as bold.
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    My Plugin ChatTitles includes this feature.
    Link is in my Signature.

    You could use CommandOverride for example to make it be /chat instead of /chatcolors
    Link is also in my Signature.
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