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    I have a been an active developer since March 2013, and I noticed that the website needs some improvements. Here's a list, from my point of view:

    1) Top plugins, most downloaded plugin, etc. (like on
    2) Spoiler tag for WikiCreole.
    3) Plugins showcase or recommanded plugins (maybe weekly, like on on the top of the plugins list, to give more visibility to new cool plugins.
    4) Notifications: when someone tags you with @ nothing happens.
    5) Option to search only for plugin titles, for example searching for Essentials, the real plugin's page doesn't even appear in the first results' page.
    6) Tracking daily downloads, maybe with charts.
    7) [Added later] Better java syntax highlighter.

    These are my ideas. If you don't agree, please state why :) Sorry for my English, if I wasn't clear enough. I think that point 1 is the most important.
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    I agree with all of those, except maybe it should be easier for plugin startups. also your english was fine
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    gomeow 90% of users don't know about it...Also, I prefer bukkit dev as website, it's cleaner.
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    I certainly didn't
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    I did, because I go my friend found that site for plugins before bukkit somehow.
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    It would be cool, but it's more important to finish the update for 1.7.2 ;)
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    I most definitely support #5, the current search is absolutely ridiculous. You should be able to choose, like say where they let you choose a category.
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    You mean like this?
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    Sort of but instead of finding that page, it should be part of the search bar on every bukkitdev page. Lets say I'm on the Multivers-Core page and I want to search for Essentials, I immediately go to the upper right hand corner, type Essentials and get a bunch of unintuitive junk from forum posts I don't care about.

    There are several ways to do it, you can filter after searching too, but that's just an extra step. I find it easier to simply hit my home button to Google and search for "Bukkit Essentials", which is stupid I should have to do that. The amount of steps you have to go through for a simple search is absurd when a simple drop down next to the search bar for "projects only" would be so much easier.
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    gomeow Could you inform the staff about this suggestion, please?
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    chaseoes Do you agree with these suggestions?

    Bump. Can someone of the staff tell if these changes could be done?
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    I think that these ideas are important. Please, someone can answer me, just "yes" or "no"? Please, not "maybe" that often means "no". You don't have to make these changes now, I know that you're working hard on the update :)
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    I don't agree with 1/2/3, because as you mentioned, 1 and 3 are already available through 2 Just seems unnecessary to me. Could you give me an example of when you owuld use that?
    I do think 4 should definitely happen. I agree with 5, as the BukkitDev search-system in general isn't great. You can use to fix some of that though. 6 Would be cool, but I don't think it's really necessary.
    BukkitDev isn't maintained by Bukkit. It's maintained by Curse, and it seems like they're not too happy to change things.
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    1 and 3 are avaible through curse, and moreover through bukkit dev. So why is this forum here? Is there anyone that could make this changes reading here?

    Java syntax highlighter also needs improvements. It's horrible to read.

    Up. This forum is useless if no one that can change the website reads it.

    Bump, still trying to get an answer...

    TnT please, could you help me to get this seen by someone? Or any staff who reads it?
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    They do read these threads, but that doesn't mean what you want is immediately implemented or put high on the to-do list.
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    All of these have been requested before, hence why we haven't responded.

    1) Already on BukkitDev is for developers, whereas is for consumers. If you want these features, seek out
    2) We have this on our requests.
    3) See answer #1.
    4) We have this on our requests.
    5) See - which we will implement as the main search after a bit more testing.
    6) This is planned.
    7) "Horrible to read"/"needs improvement" gives us no feedback we can action. If you wish this to be implemented, you're going to need to give us more than that.
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    TnT Thanks for the answer :D for the point 1) & 3) a very little percentage of server admins looks at, most of them even ignore its existance. You can see this on any Minecraft's forum, no one gives the link to for a plugin, they always link a BukkitDev page.
    7) The actual syntax is full of colors, and the font could be changed. I would prefer the colors of github or eclipse, and this font, maybe the whole code could be put in Bootstrap's "well".
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    I agree with all of these. For 1 & 3, This would be much better on Bukkit Dev. Curse is just not as easy to use as Bukkit Dev. Bukkit Dev is cleaner, simpler, and more friendly for both server admins and developers alike. For the java syntax, it needs to keep the spaces. Like filoghost said, I think something that looks like Github's syntax would be nice.
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