[SOLVED] Why is there NEVER a CRAFTBUKKIT lastest snapshot?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Zath137, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I'm tired of using the one that mojang gave out because you cant have plugins on it and... its just hectic...
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    hmmm you are aware Mojang and Bukkit are different right?
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    Because these change too much and are too unstable to create builds for. Most people don't even use the snapshots, so you would only make your server less accessible for your users.
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    The bukkit team needs to recode a very big part of the code each time minecraft is updated.
    They can't just do it every snapshot. That would be insane.
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    So there is no POSSIBLE was to add plugins to the newest snapshots?

    Yes I realize that

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    Only if you're willing to spend several days straight coding to upgrading Bukkit yourself.
    And you'd be doing that every week for a new snapshot.
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    >Download RB v4
    >Rename to CraftbukkitLatestSnapshot.jar
    >Problem solved
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    Stupid Trolls...
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    M1sT3rM4n I think he's talking about you!
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    Be patient and stop rushing the people created this and make 98% of servers happen.
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    It worked for me. You should seriously consider trying it.
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    People like you shouldn't be hosting servers (talking to OP) ....

    If you took the time to just think about how crazy hectic coding bukkit after an update it. You've got thousands of noobs yelling at you, and quite a few developers getting antsy, not to mention the process they go through coding-wise. I don't program, but I know how goddamn tough it can be/is. BE PATIENT! Even jeb_ has said these builds may be unstable. Why the hell would Bukkit waste their time on trying to become compatible with a minecraft build that isn't yet 'officially released'. And as the first commenter said, Mojang & Bukkit are two very different groups. Maybe in the future they'll be under one roof working together, but until that day be patient. Enjoy 1.1.
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