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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Datdenkikniet, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. So, I've got this error, and this code is what's causing it. The line throwing the error is line 6 in the code hastebin.
    The weird thing about this error is that using
    1. System.out.println(stringslist.get(1));

    does work, but the code mentioned above does.
    (and yes, the string used is split into 6 parts, I'm entirely certain about it (arraylistsize is 6))
    I'm desperate, please help me plugin-development-gurus
  2. @Datdenkikniet
    Debugging is the way to go. Print out the string, print out the size of the list etc.
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  4. I did, and when doing it, it worked just fine :/

    hihihi, I know what an ArrayIndexOutOfBounsException is, but its just that I don't get why this is occuring. If make a debug message printing that exact String in the list, it works just fine. (and thanks for pointing me to the fact that I shouldn't be here, I'll ask if the thread is moved)
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    Line 112 is where it is happening. Are you sure your string is in the correct format?
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  6. @teej107 yes (format is world,242.4541925959437,70.0,235.3319632398985,0.0,0.15 so it should be split correctely)(line 112 is line 6 in the code hastebin)
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