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Is this an great idea ?

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    Can anyone create an Plugin that the Singleplayer Mods works with Bukkit?
    I have seen an Server which use the Engine from minecraft and use mods there...
    So... i Would like to have air planes and more blocks and the Mo'Creatures Mod but wont change the engine from Bukkit to the Orginal...
    Greetings TheBoy

    Sorry for my bad englisch....
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    You can not make a plugin that makes SSP mods work on bukkit, the mods must be made to work with SMP (if they arn't already) then made to work with bukkit. There isn't a magical plugin that can make all SSP mods start working in multiplayer.
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    And how can i make an SMP Mod work for Bukkit ?
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    Unless you specifically get permission to modify the mod, I would say you don't. If you do then you must modify the code to be bukkit compatible, how that works I do not know as I have not messed with mods. I am sure there are tutorials on setting it up, I know there is a ModLoader for bukkit and a few mods have been ported. Best option is request a bukkit compatible version from the other.
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    If you are serious about getting these mods to work with Bukkit, check out the MC Port Central forms. They have people there that port SSP mods to SMP, and SMP mods to CraftBukkit. Both are significant efforts, but they have a sub forum where you can make requests, and if there is enough interest, maybe someone else will do it. Of course, distributing the port requires the original author's permission, but most developers are glad to have their mods ported, and grant permission (though occasionally through an adfly link).

    As for your specific mod requests, Planes has been ported to CraftBukkit, and it works, although is somewhat glitchy. Mo' Creatures hasn't been ported but other mods adding new creatures have, including: Rancraft Penguins (adds two new mobs) and Natural Selection (adds turkeys, deer, grizzly bears, dingos, and a couple more). More Blocks hasn't either, but many other mods adding new blocks have, which may suit your needs (RedPower2 adds marble and basalt for decorative purposes, plus a bunch of other stuff, including microblocks for almost every vanilla block).

    Here's a couple plugins and mods that go good together, if you're interested.

    Flan's Plane Mod with the RadioBeacon plugin (so you can navigate the airspace):

    The SilkSpawners plugin spawning creatures (using a "hen spawner") from Natural Selection:

    SilkSpawners includes support for the new Natural Selection animals, but you can also add any creatures added by other mods, it is all customizable in config.yml. If Mo' Creatures is ever ported, it should work with SilkSpawners, too.
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    Thanks i will write there...

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