[SOLVED] showing "My Plugins" under name

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by ImDeJay, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Under my name there is "My Plugins" but when you click on it, it says i havnt created any projects when i actually have quite a few.

    I cant remember the process i went through to get 'my plugins' under my name so im not sure how to redo it

    any help?
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    It takes a while for it to show up or something o-o
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    It's not being updated, or at least that was what I last heard from lukegb. It seems to have changed since then and looks nicer :D
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    I just updated it. Various other dev.bukkit.org-related association things are being worked on too.
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    Thanks, noticed it was all working correctly now.

    good work, keep it up!
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    I have a similar problem except I have had a plugin approved but I don't even have 'My Plugins' under my name. I have linked my accounts as you can see. But it still won't show.
  7. How do I connect this account to my already existing - same called bukkitDev account?
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    You do to me..
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    Yeah it took 5 days to show up lol
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    It's cached.
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