Solved - Client that completely bypasses NoCheatplus/AntiCheat

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by thepaperboy99, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Hello Bukkit Community, I would just like to raise awareness of this hacked client that can bypass no cheat without any set backs. So what happened was, I was just on my friends server (ranked on) when all of a sudden I see a guy flying with deep mode on. He was a default and everything, no perms to bypass no cheat or anything, and he was new. Now, I don't know any info about the client such as the name or author, All my friend told me that it bypassed everything. If anyone knows any plugin or anything that can help stop this, please message me or post a comment. Thanks.
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    No such thing.
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    I know it sounds crazy, but he had no nocheat perms or anything, and bypassesed everything. I even went on an alt to see if it worked but it didn't. But it's not public or anything, it's pretty new
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    i highly doubt that, i use anticheat on my server and has put a stop in every cheat client that has tried to log onto my server.
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    I doubt it. It is possible that your friend has downloaded a malicious version of the nocheat+ plugin (or another) from an external source
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    No, it's not a fake version, I got it from bukkit, but again, the client is very new and only like 5 people have it I think. Next time he goes on, il get proof then I suppose.

    Nm, NoCheat just decided to stop working, therefor letting the guy do whatever. Solved I guess.

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    It seems that flying really slow would allow flying on an AntiCheat server (really slow).

    No why would you do that :). NoCheatPlus and AntiCheat cover most of the cheats but we can't be 100% sure that someone finds a way around those. Simply record the movement data of this player and report it to us for:
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