So, What plugin are you working on or planning?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MrAwellstein, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Just curious as to what most of you are working on. Feel free to share if you want. ^_^
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    Recreating Team Fortress 2 for a new server network I'm developing. Been at it almost 6 months but its turning out really well :). Most of the guns, lobby, gamemodes, stats, health/ammo packs, and 1-1 replicas of the maps. Got about 5 other guys helping out with map development, website moderation, advertizing, etc.
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    I am almost finished recreating Flappy Bird in Minecraft <Removed advertising - Necrodoom>
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    I am working some plugins for a public server with ~50 players. Those plugins are more functional plugins for the moderatorteam.

    Besides that, I am working with some guys on a server network. I'm going to get started on a minigame for that when the first project (server above) is finished.
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    total conversion including custom gameplay rules and world generation based off tech mods like buildcraft and industrial craft.
    (like renamed furnaces act like macerator, or dispensers act like pipes)
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    That sounds cool :p

    Now do Applied Energistics ;)
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    A team plugin that grants bonusses that are usable for farming, exploring, hunting and PvP in groups.
    This is currently the biggest one. And 2 dozens others which are constantly extended and improved or bugfixed.
    But only for use on my friends server.
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    I'm a one-plugin kinda guy these days. (Magic, spells, wands, fun).

    I used to have a NetherGate plugin (mainly to bring the nether to Bukkit waaaaayyyy long ago before it was officially supported) and a CrowdControl plugin for mod control, but those are long since abandoned.

    I had some other framework stuff going on for a while, like a data Persistence engine (again, before Bukkit had an official one), a generic Gameplay lib, that kind of stuff- but again, all abandoned.

    Sadly, I only have time to focus on one plugin now, but on the other hand I really enjoy only focusing on one plugin, and don't really plan on making any more.

    Fun question, thanks for asking :)
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    KitPVP with shops and stuff, I need help, I have a silly error that I cant fix.
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    A KitPvP Minigame, earn rewards for killing people, shop, etc.. going to be great once I have finished! :D
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    AE too complicated to implement as plugin without client mod, unlikely to be possible without rules violation via rebooting server with custom classloader and replacing classes.
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    It would be a huge pain awesome.
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    Working on a rpg plugin. Once it is finished I'm gonna start a server running the plugin :).
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    At the moment I'm working on recreating the trouble in terrorist town game mode from GMOD
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    Does this really belong under Plugin Dev...?
    Anyways, NPCs (more than just players), quests, conversations (The current conversation API is doesn't fit to what I need exactly).
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    Fairy Tail plugin :) And yes, I am an anime fanboy XD. I know some have made it before, but it is going to be a gift to my friend ^.^. Maybe later I'll make a server for it.
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    Fully automated walls plugin with in-game configuration.
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    RPG-Server mechanics re-write with Datdenkikniet
    He's a genius.
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    A fully-featured library for minigame creation. I've gotten to the point where I absolutely need to work on intra-world arenas though, but the plugin (which is mine, of course) I'm using code from doesn't support it, and in fact is built around the assumption that it won't be needed. Bit frustrating to work around my own code from however-many-months ago. :p
  21. KingPsychopath haha, thanks (you're a genius too!)
    I'm also working on RainbowArmor (idea by: MrAwellstein , he also started coding it :D)
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    ssshhhhhh, its a secret right now, remember :p
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    Mmmm... if I'm correctly guessing what's that going to do, count me interested!
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    Porting DarkRP to Bukkit
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    ReWriting my complete minigame collection. I started yesterday with Splegg, tomorrow I am starting with Survival Games. (and after that I will release them to bukkit dev)
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    There will be a nice tutorial soon. I plan on making it opensourced and a plugin for everyone.
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    I am working on a custom hunger games plugin like mcpvp. Pretty easy, almost done.
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    Been working on a Server-Ranks plugin for ages just can't add in the last features and I don't know why, I've released the first couple of builds that list your Server-Ranks though

    Anyone want to help let me know :p

    The Plugin
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