So... the new update ruined a city on my server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by 11RJB, Jan 28, 2012.

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    My players have been working very hard on a city in my "creative" world. The map was started as a 1.7 world, and has persisted all the way through 1.0 without trouble.

    Unfortunately, when I upgraded to 1.1, a snow biome was dropped right on top of our city, completely blanketing the city in snow. Is there any way that I can fix this? Do older terrain generators exist - maybe I could replace the default with a custom one with no snow?
  2. Don't know if you can change the biome, but if you have worldedit: //thaw <radius>
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    That's a good temp fix, but every time it snows all of it fills up again.
  4. Ah yeah you're right. I have weather disabled on my server :oops:
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    I run a roleplay minecraft server, and I have the same problem. Massive heap of snow dumped in the middle of our spawn point and main city :(.

    If anyone had a fix, or even close to a fix, I would be very grateful.
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    just use world edit and copy it to a new location
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    Any teleport plugins and other location based plugins (lockette, world protection, LWC, StarGate) will be wiped out of existence, as locations will be updated. This is therefore impractical, unless someone wants to offset every one of the config files at exactly the same location as the worldedit.
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    If you have WorldGuard, deny the flag "snow-fall" in the city region. It will still snow there when it storms on the world, but no snow will accumulate. :) (this is what we do on our server. i opened up the snow-fall flag to region owners, so they can change it)
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    That sounds perfect! I will give it a try!
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    OR you can change the map seed to something that doesn't have snow biome on your spawn. :)
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    Since 1.2 is possible to change biome. I hope my plugin WeatherMan will help you :)
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