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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HDfunctions, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Hey guys,
    It's HDfunctions and what I would like to know is what plugins would you recommend for a server of 5 (ish) players?
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    Are these players people you know and are not worried over greifing, or is there a potential for people you dont know to play as well? I run a smaller public server that only averages at maximum 8 online players at a given time(though 20 is the actual limit). Ive found in my use probably the most helpful ones are(in order):

    Essentials(just the standard .zip with the 5 main jar files in it)

    I dont run any permissions plugins or other things to that effect either. Im sure other people have other plugins and suggestions that they prefer as well.
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    It's a mix of both, there are 2, they are my friend's cousin's friends. And why UberForest?
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    I have a few players and occasionally newly joined players that like to log some fairly large areas when they build wooden houses, so I just tossed that on there to quickly repopulate the wooded areas. It seems to work pretty well.
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    Thanks GearheadRed for your suggestions. Is there anymore plugin suggestions for a small server of 5 (ish) players? The plugins I currently have are:

    -Essentials (Core, Chat, Spawn, GroupBridge, GroupManager)
    -MinecraftRKitPlugin (for Remote Toolkit)
    Any plugins I should add, replace or remove?
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    I just learned of a plugin called GriefPrevention, you might check that out. Im still poking at the configuration on it with my server but its pretty nifty.

    Edit: plugin search use Grief Prevention as the search, all one word only returns the dynmap plugin for it.
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    So Grief Prevention would be able to replace WorldGuard and Lockette on my server?
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    Well they all handle things a bit differently, you would have to read over what the capabilities of Grief Prevention and WorldGuard/Lockette are and decide if one does what you want more effectively than the other.

    Personally I have found most people do not understand the whole protecting their areas thing, so Grief Prevention seems like a better option since it will auto protect an area around the first chest a player places.
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    I like the following for my server that is basically just friends and family 5 tp 7 people I trust but have kid factor as well

    Essentials: well because it is essentails
    Lockette; Too simple to use and perfect for "kids"
    My Worlds: for me is the best Multi-world plugin
    BkCommonLib: required for My Worlds
    Group Manager: Very configurable for multi-worlds and RPG type stuff, if you want that
    Vault: some plugins require it
    World Edit: well because it is World Edit
    Block Painter: Excellent little plugin

    for fun
    Tardis: really cool plugin and lots of fun
    Lift: is nice too
    MobRider: brings many laughs
    Alpha Chest: an added nice little plugin but I don't allow it in creative as things stay there when traveling between worlds

    for kid control
    No Spawn Egg: so we dont have 1000 villagers running around in the creative world
    Grief Prevention: to protect certain areas from kids that are well just kids ;)
    Restock It: got tired of kids saying they are starving so I have a few chests here and there that have apples in them
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