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    (Sorry for mistakes in english, Im from Poland)

    Plugin Category: Fun

    Suggested Name: SlenderMine

    What i want:

    I want plugin/plugin pack with:

    1. SlenderMan (EnderMan with skin, i make texture pack :D) walk slow behind player/s in forest (yea, i make map too :p).
    2. You collect pages when you destroy and take paintings (paintings = pages in texture pack). YOU CANT DESTROY ANYTHING (cuboid) except pages (paintings).
    3. SlenderMan walk faster when you have more pages (max speed = player normal walk).
    4. When you look at SlenderMan, you burn (blur effect in texture pack), and when you are closer to SlenderMan you burn more (until the death, like in slender).
    5. If you want play, just click send command teleport you to forest (If you want play with friend, send invinite in server).
    6. Pages are in random places (set few places, where pages can spawn).
    7. If you hold torch (flashlight), you emit a light. "Lanters" plugin

    Ideas for commands:
    /SlenderMine start
    (Start the game, teleport to forest)
    /SlenderMine leave
    (Leave started game)
    /SlenderMine invinite *friend nick*
    (Invinite *friend nick* to play with you)
    (Accept the invinite)
    (Decline the invinite)

    Ideas for permissions:
    All commands from plugin, is for all players.

    When I'd like it by: soon
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    I've done #7! Check out my plugins, it is called Lanterns!
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    Note to all devs, I call dibs! :D

    pavlos8 instead of burning them, I can just set the dizzy potion effect onto them.

    MrBluebear3 Mind if I look at your code? PM it to me if you don't mind :)
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    Thanks :)
    Dizzy potion effect? Nice idea :)
    But i still must find someone who can make plugin with #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6... :/
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    I'm going to do it all in 1 plugin. Do you want it to be arenas or is this the only thing the server will have?
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    Arenas is better, but if you can create this, youre awesome!
    If arenas isnt problem, make arenas, if you cant make arenas... make what you can :).
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    Okay, I'm going to start it off where you have a lobby area. Players will spawn here.

    Then they can type
    - /slender join
    - /slender quit
    - /slender help
    - /slender invite (When I create multiple games)
    - /slender accept (When I create multiple games)
    - /slender decline (When I create multiple games)

    You will have
    - /slender setspawn

    (more to come)
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    Nice :D
    How long you want do this plugin?
    Very... VEEEEEEEERY thanks for all help :).
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    Sounds amazing! :D
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    It's going to take me a while to do it, as it's a lot. I have to write a custom mod tracking for the enderman, which will take the most amount of time.
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    Im amazed, that you want to make this :D.
    You are my GOD now :D.

    Show Spoiler

    SlenderMan skin:
    Show Spoiler

    Wait... i know, you have something to do. Moding enderman is hard and it takes some time, but i have next idea. When Slender kill people, just look, you have blur effect, see Slender face, and you are dead.
    "see Slender face"
    You can make some like this, before you killed by Slender?:
    Show Spoiler

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    Consider it done. We're just about done with the enderman tracking of players. We're going to finish up on 1 or 2 things and then we're going to move onto the dynamics of the game.

    Currently we have a lobby system where you can invite people and stuff.
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    I can't wait to play SlenderMine :D!

    (I forgot :p)
    When player join game, get 1 torch (flashlight :p)!!!
    ok? :)

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    *secretly puts on server*

    Server Log (open)

    RandomUser123: Well that's weird...
    Owner321: What?
    RandomUser123: Theres like these bits of paper like from... OH GAWD!!!!!
    RandomUser123 was slain by Slenderman
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    True Story XD
    Pls rememeber that (It's important :p):
    1. When player join game, get torch.
    2. Properly set when SlenderMan starts to kill me.
    I dont want to SlenderMan kill me, when is too far from me or is beside me. You must do it perfectly :).
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    We're going to have to work a lot of bugs out of it. We're making it so you can create "arenas' and then when you define them, you can put a sign in the lobby for the user to click on and be added to the game.
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    Ok, make plugin, i test it and report all bugs and all things that can be improved :).

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