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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by levi_MC, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Team

    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: Skyblock Wars

    What I want: All the features below

    -Armys are a swarm of mobs that defend your island and the higher you upgrade them the higher tier and the more mobs there is. If you upgrade them high enough they can get armor and swords and eventually enchanted gear

    -Generators are blocks of gold or iron or diamond on the ground that produce ore depending on what block it is (Gold=gold ore diamond = diamond ore and so on) then you can also buy a refinery that makes the ores and turns them into the actual item, (diamond ore to diamond gold or to gold ingot)

    -Generators i want

    -Upgradable islands: what i wanted for this was a way to upgrade your island, you have to gain money from the generators and all the other classic skyblock ways, (By mining) and when they get enough money they type /is upgrade and it opens a gui that they can level up the island, aswell as buy generators (What i want to happen is that when you buy a generator it auto goes on the ground in a defined spot) When an island levels up, it will make it bigger and add more buildings that you can place spawners and chests in.

    -Clan warring: for wars its simple, you war a clan with /clan raid, and the armys i explained earlier try to defend, to win the war the player has to kill off all the mobs, to lose it he either dies or runs out of time (Time should be 20-30 minutes) if the player does indeed die, he doesnt lose anything in the war, and if someones island gets raided and all their mobs get killed, the respawn next time they get warred.

    -clan vaults: this one is simple aswell all you do is type /clan vault (Or /clan v or /cv) and you can put stuff into it for all your clan members to take out.

    Ideas for commands: /is create, /clan create, /clan raid (Name of clan/faction) /clan vault /is upgrade

    Ideas for permissions: make them whatever you want!

    When I'd like it by: i would like it ASAP but i need it in like 2-5 weeks! thanks for reading
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    i don't get anything of what you are saying so can you be more specific??
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    @levi_MC just like what tyler said you need to explain how you raid, what is an army, how do you upgrade, what does it all look like, how do the generators work, etc
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    Basically wants a plugin like the server island clash has.
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    hey changed it like CRAZY hopefully this helps out more!

    also, if you do end up making this for me let me know if you would be able to add updates if i think of them in the future, they probs wont be 2 big :D

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    @levi_MC yes this is better
    and this is a big plugin request so you might not find any one to make it for you.
    if you are asking me to do it, i am busy at this time, if i have some free time i will try to make it.
    good luck
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    Don't exactly know if this is possible from the first point. Maybe the mob spawning, yes but having them have idfferent enchqanted gear and different tiers might not be possible
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