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    Conquest - Skill system
    Hey, I am working on a sever that is going to be something along the lines of the world vs world mini-game from guild wars 2, but I am in need of some plugins.
    hooks include: THIS and THIS

    I know the other plugins dont exist yet, but they all need to hook into each other when they are created
    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: Tharcraft skills

    What I want: I need a plugin that hooks into this plugin.
    I need a plugin that works kinda like magic spells but the spells are bound to scrolls (paper) and dissapear after one use.
    Example: you are playing on the server and you come across an piece of paper that dropped from a mob or player that was killed, these items will not despawn over time but will be persistent until a player picks it up, this should not cause lag as the chance for them to drop will be small (configurable in the config)

    once the item is picked up it will not say the name of the item, it will say the name of the skill (this can hook into protocol lib if necessary), and the lore section of the item's name will say "Right click to use".
    once used, it will cast the spell on the closest enemy target if they are in range, if no targets are in range, it will say, "there are no targets nearby" maximum range will be configurable in the config.

    This plugin should hook into magic spells if that is possible.

    If it is not possible then here are some ideas for skills
    (damage for all spells configurable in config)

    Lightning - strikes lighting on enemies

    Fireball - shoots a ghast fireball

    Icecube - encase in ice to cause damage overtime and immobilization for 5-7 seconds

    Jump - to a height of 5-7 blocks

    Explode - causes a no block damage explosion on your location that does no harm you or your
    team but hurts enemies

    Bandage - heals you or your teammates

    Blink - teleport 5-7 blocks in the direction you are looking

    Confuse - make your target face to opposite direction for 3 seconds

    Trap - set an invisible trap down, when an enemy walks on it it hurts them

    Kick - throw your enemy back 3-5 blocks

    Empower armour - makes your amour one tier stronger for 4 seconds (Example: Iron - diamond)

    Empower weapon - makes your weapon one tier stronger for 4 seconds

    Poison - inflict poison on your target

    Poison gas - inflict poison on up to 5 targets within a 5-7 block radius of you

    Repulse - makes arrows bounce off of you for 5-7 seconds

    Strength - gives you the strength potion effect for 5-7 seconds

    Arrow volley - shoots a barrage of arrows at your target for 4 seconds (only works if you have a bow in your inventory)

    Tether - roots your enemy in place to prevent them from moving (can still swing sword) for 5 seconds

    Healing breeze - send a pulse of healing to all your teammate in a radius of 5 -7 blocks (heals for 3 hearts)

    Fire Breath - covers the ground around you in fire for 5-7 seconds

    I would also like all the skills (within reason) to have some kind of visual thing as they are bieng use, for instance, lighting has a lightning bolt and firball has a ghast fireball, but for some of the other skills I would like a firework effect to be used, example poison gas could have a large green firework go off at your location.

    These are just what I could come up with off the top of my head, I might have some more soon.

    Ideas for commands: there will be no commands as all you have to do to use a skill is right click the item

    Ideas for permissions: There probably wont be much of a need for a node for each skill

    When I'd like it by: No time request, just don't take to long to make it :p

    There are other things I would, such as a skill system but I would like them as separate plugins that can hook into this one so everything works as one, but can be updated/repaired individually.

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    I know this is a big request, but even if you are not willing to help me with this then could you send me somewhere that would be willing to help?
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    Well, I guess I could go somewhere else...
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    Try out RPG Items, it's 1.5.2 but still works. It takes some getting used to but you can go ingame and do these commands:

    /rpgitem firescroll create
    /rpgitem firescroll damage 15
    /rpgitem firescroll durability 1
    /rpgitem firescroll item paper
    /rpgitem firescroll type Scroll
    /rpgitem firescroll display Scroll of Fireball
    /rpgitem firescroll power consume
    /rpgitem firescroll power fireball 0
    /rpgitem firescroll give

    and you'll have a piece of paper (or you can make it a book instead) that shoots out a fireball that does 15 dmg and then the scroll disappears.
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    The reason why you are not getting many replies is because coding is not the easiest thing in the world at all. This is a huge request and we are getting nothing in return for it. You would probably have to find a developer out of the bukkit community who will make big plugins for their required price. I highly doubt anyone will want to code this huge of a plugin when there are already tons of RPG plugins out there.
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    While its not skills, there is a plugin called EnchantmentPack that has some of what you've mentioned but they're enchants on specific tools and come with cooldowns and permissions.

    Alternatively, you could try using Craftbook and the CommandItems section which support all item types as being a commanditem and you can make them vanish after use.

    You can think of these as ideas for developers too I suppose.
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    I actually ended up using craftbook's command items feature and using magicspells for the skills, I used craftbooks custom drops feature to make mobs have a chance to drop a skill item upon death, it works just about exactly like what I wanted. Now I just need the conquest plugin coded...
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    Glad I could be of help.
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    Locked per request.
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