Since Buycraft is No longer Dead (To Me)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Nick Foster, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Nick Foster

    Can someone make a plugin similar to Buycraft... I know its a mass infrastructure and that what makes me the maddest.... He refuses to put forth the little effort that it would require to make Buycraft work with McMyAdmin... So pretty much what im asking for is something like Buycraft for McMyAdmin
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    Why doesn't it work with McMyAdmin?
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    I'm with you. What doesn't work?
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    Nick Foster

    The McMyAdmin based commands such as addmemeber and delmember... unless you tried really hard to find these commands, you’re probably not using them... but they are great if you manage your permissions via mcmyadmin permissions exporter and they allow you to do it via command line... well on my server... im selling perms... well..... I guess... saying this nicely do the math... anyway the developer of Buycraft specially told me he will not support those features... and even though PhonicUK (McMyAdmin developer) has told him how to do it... the Buycraft dude won’t do it basically because he is a bum... honestly I’ve seen no new features recently and he says he is always busy... he is busy soaking in a bathtub full of my/our donations
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    How entitled do you think you are? Seriously, what kind of pathetic attitude is it to attack your supplier? Just for not adding a feature you want. With that attitude I'm amazed that there are still dev's around these forums who are willing to help other people. Lets get something straight, you are using their service with that you donated to probably get a benefit and to donate. Keeping in mind a donation is something that in theory should give you nothing in return. This mostly that, should you know as server owner.
    I find it despicable to publicly attack some plugin dev for being a plugin dev that doesn't listen to you. He might have better things to do, or might be swimming in your what is it? 5 pound max? But however its not your case to criticize mostly if you were/are using their service(which you can also get for free).

    One more time:
    He's a dev and the big blue ball doesn't revolve around you.
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    Heh yeah seriously.

    The post reads like he's saying "hey guys I was a dick to the last dev, how about someone else do all this hard work for me..."
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    Nick Foster

    It's true i'm a little ticked and raging(and don't need to be) , but honestly, I'm asking for one feature...
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    Wow, Instead of calling other HARD WORKED developers lazy... how about you learn java and do it yourself? that would be a better alternative then saying this> "he is busy soaking in a bathtub full of my/our donations".
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    Nick Foster

    Hey dawg... look at the post above yours...
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    Huh yeah it's just one feature.

    If he says no, you're getting no.
    No-one will create a plugin similar to it just because you want McMyAdmin support. (I'd get Spacebukkit if I were you, but that's a different discussion)

    Also, try talking less... like... this... it's... annoying...
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    Nick Foster

    I'm not understanding why its a no.... Why cant he just add one feature for an early donator?... Phonicuk told him what he need to do.. why cant he just do it?
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    It's his plugin and his choice on what he wants to support or not. That you donate doesn't give you right to demand a feature.

    And the developer chooses to support bukkit but not some web interface and I can't say I blame him. Why would you as a developer choose to support some web interface when you already support the normal product. This is more a fail from the web interface designer then the plugin developer in my eyes.

    Cause he is forcing developers to add stuff to make it work with his interface...
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    Nice edit... dawg.
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    why not just use permissionex....
  15. Hi guys I would just like to put forth my own reasoning behind not adding this feature, as I myself over the last week has had the glory of talking to this amazingly mannered person through out support system and have been waiting for it to appear here on the forums.

    The reason Buycraft at the moment does not work with McMyAdmin commands, is due to McMyAdmin executes commands differently than the normal Bukkit server does. If I were to implement this feature onto the already existant Buycraft website, it would require hefty work in adding an entire new package and payment system along with the already existant one. You may be thinking, "omg dis guy is lazy he is crap developer", but to tell you the truth I am very devoted to Buycraft with sometimes waking up at 4am in the morning to sort out possible site crashes and so forth. People like nick should feel sick in how they treat developers in this community, developing Bukkit plugins isnt just like making your little powerpoint presentations in your nursery classes.

    If nick would kindly respond here, he shall tell you that I actually responded in the ticket saying that I am going to implement this feature well before I posted this post, but because I have saw this thread, I can kindly say that he can forget it and I would be more than happy for him to go somewhere else because Im not letting him waste my teams time responding to his pathetic and rude support requests anymore.

    I dont want to start a flame war here, and to be honest I will probably receive an infraction for giving my own opinion on what I said, but this kind of stuff happens a lot and isnt right.
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    lmc - Your entitled to your opinion, you should not receive an infraction.
  17. Sorry for the double post here, but I also want to express my opinions on these posts too. Read my previous one as well.

    Let me just say, that because nick purchased premium, a feature which costs a one-off payment of £3, he expects me to work my ass of 24/7 adding new features what spring up in his head. Purchasing premium gets you the features what is listed on the features page, and also to support server costs - not a new developer working out of your ass.

    It is a no because it is a no? Can you honestly not take a no, sometimes in life people do not get what they always want. I cannot "just do it" because doing this kind of thing takes time, and adding useful features what are more important is where my time should be spent.

    Heck, I only think 5% of servers running Buycraft even use McMyAdmin, it sure would be used a lot!
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    lmc - I swear your mod works with McMyAdmin. I will do some testing.
  19. Buycraft works fine. It just dosent support the one or two commands what are required for permissions support, see why I dont want to do this? Such a big work load for a little minor thing.
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    I don't use your mod to add users to groups. Would rather do it manually and be safe, I did use it to give items and such.
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  21. Here is the support ticket which I have been talking to him with, as you can see, I was never rude, and clearly stated the facts. Sorry for the formatting, did the best I could.
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    How did you get back-stabbed?
  23. I was trying to Help him and then he posts this thread giving me abuse. Back stabbed probably wasn't the right term.
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    Nick Foster

    Ok... i added two or three word to clear it up... -_-
    Hey man.... (not being a smart ass) i bow down before you, what must i do to get you to do this?
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    I don't agree with this post one bit.
    The dev of Buycraft had a compatible build with 1.2.3 within 5 hours of it's release. BuyCraft has worked like a charm for me, I had 3 donations for my server yesterday and not 1 player had trouble receiving his package. The $3 I spent to get a "pro" online shop with Buycraft seems like 1/100 of what it has been worth.
    Note this is only my opinion, but for you to say "he is busy soaking in a bathtub full of my/our donations" is like saying major company's staff like "Apple" just sit around and watch TV all day while they magically release new products that almost no one can live without.
    I understand your concern, but this is nowhere close to a situation where you could be getting on Buycraft. Really.
    Good day,
    Owner of OreCraft
    Wait a called him a bum? Seriously?
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    Nick Foster

    This was about deeper integration with mcmyadmin... I'm not sure what your talking about...
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    No, I do understand your issues with McMyAdmin. I quote my last post here:
    "I understand your concern, but this is nowhere close to a situation where you could be getting on Buycraft."
    What I am trying to say is that there is absolutely NO reason for you to be angry with the Buycraft dev. NO reason AT ALL. If you want something done differently, then I say you ask him. He responded in a mature manner that he was not going to add in the "addmember" and "delmember" commands (excuse me if this is not correct, I use MultiCraft), and there should have been no more reasons for you to talk to him. I simply don't understand why this is his fault - going back to Apple, I would like their iPhones to make me breakfast, but hey, they probably don't want to include that in the iPhone 6.

    All I am trying to say is that the dev of Buycraft did nothing wrong. I truly understand your troubles with McMyAdmin, but that is no reason to be in a rage with lmc.
    Like I said before, this is my opinion, but you should probably apologize for - say - calling him a bum ;)

  28. The feature will soon come, however I am not interested in making any more communication with you - I think that is fair enough.

    Thanks for the support.

    I would also like to comment on people mentioning that I am "soaking in a bath tub of money", for starters, yes, I may receive a nice amount of premium purchases. However, in return for this, I make sure that buycraft is run on good and powerful servers (We have a hetzner EX-5 solely dedicated to buycraft!). I could be a greedy person and charge a monthly fee, however at the moment we are perfectly managing to keep buycraft alive with out doing so. Its funny that nick actually mentioned about premium costs, he himself is using software (mcmyadmin) which costs £10 per license with over 8,000 servers who have purchased it. I lookup to people who make money out of the least imagineable things - its damn smart and the people who do it should be proud of their acheivement.
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    Exactly my point. No reason in continuing this discussion if he has made his opinion clear.
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    So Nick Foster - rather than jumping down lmc throat, look for a work around while he adds it. And it will be added when its added.
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