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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by c-eAgle, Mar 21, 2015.

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    my main issue is: I require the overworld spawnchunks to be loaded permanently - as long as there is at least one player in the overworld, that's the case. But the moment the last player leaves the overworld (doesn't matter if he quits or changes to a different world), its spawnchunks get unloaded, because the dimension as a whole is going inactive.

    I have been trying to find a plugin to keep it loaded for quite a while now - chunkloaders don't work in this case, because they also depend on the dimension as a whole being active.

    A solution with costs would be to buy a separate Minecraft account and have him logged in permanently, probably locally on the server. But I wonder: is there any way to actually simulate a real logged in player that would keep the dimension it is in active? In order to keep its spawnchunks loaded and ticking. Or does any one of you know of a plugin that does exactly that?

    Thank you for any suggestion you might come up with - or if any one of you may even be able to program a plugin to do this, I would be willing to talk about money vs. source code.

    So far:
    - Chunk loaders don't do the trick
    - VirtualPlayers2 doesn't do the trick
    - NPC-based plugins don't do the trick (well, should be obvious - they're not players at all)

    Kind regards,
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    What you want is a chunkloader plugin, this is already been made. :)

    If possible can you describe why whatever chunk loader you used didn't work?
    If I read what you said correctly the chunk doesn't stay loaded after the player leaves x world? I use multiverse as well so this may have an effect.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    The plugin you posted is actually one I'm using - but it only keeps chunks loaded as long as there is at least one player in the world the chunks-to-be-held-active are in. I don't remember all the names, but I tried literally everything I could find on bukkit-dev and spigot-resources, and none of them were able to keep chunks of an inactive dimension loaded - or to put it differently: none of them were able to keep dimensions loaded without real players.

    So if you create a world with multiverse and put a clock and a CommandBlock with "/tell yourname test" in it... start the clock and make sure it whispers to you. Get another player in the world you're in, then leave the world. It should keep whispering to you. The moment the other player leaves that particular world, whispers should stop, unless you have anything that keeps that world (or dimension) loaded. That's the standard test I usually do with all those plugins. So if Multiverse keeps the dimension loaded, that would be a very valuable info - even though I don't require additional worlds on my server, which would usually be the reason to use Multiverse, isn't it?

    /Edit: even though I'd really prefer something more lightweight for that purpose. Trying to keep the amount of plugins as low as possible and the plugins themselves as lightweight as possible.
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    @c-eAgle I'll do some quick testing on my server with it. If I go to my plots world and do /lag I still have my main world loaded. I'll check back here in a few minutes. :)

    Back, Multiverse keeps the chunks in memory but not loaded.
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