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    Plugin category: MECHANICS

    Suggested name: SimpleLogout

    What I want: A combat log of types, what happens is that when a player logs out it leaves an NPC for 5 seconds. If the NPC doesn't take damage, it can logout. If it does, the NPC stays in till the player attacking it kills it. To avoid this tragic death /logout and it makes you wait 30 seconds before safely logging out with no NPC. You must have full health / full hunger to use /logout.

    Ideas for commands: /Logout

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: ASAP please :D
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    Just use CombatLog it does exactly what you want with NPCs/Prevents Pvp Loggers
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    Anonymous350 I don't think this is what rylismiles is looking for... She wants an NPC that is placed where the player disconnected from that can still take damage and for 5 seconds stands there allowing others to kill them.
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    @rylismiles you have been requesting quite allot of plugin lately
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    Well, I mean 2 isn't that much is it =3=? I'll probably learn how to make bukkit plugins this summer, just after exams next week.
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