Simple Self-Serve Land Protections [Plugin Request]

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    Hey guys,

    I am here to tell you guys about a plugin that I thought of and would be really helpful if you guys could make it. I am pretty good with plugins but not making them. This plugin is for a private server that we will make when 1.3 comes out.

    I would like to start with the base of MyChunk.

    So basically what this plugin does is when you put this on a sign "[claim]" it protects a 16by16 area around the sign.

    The only problem is that you have to be op to be able to place this sign. Another flaw is that you cannot add people to that region.

    So this is what I think you guys should add.

    -Ability to change the size of area of the protected land in the config

    -Ability to place sign and us commands of the plugin without being op or making it customizible in the config ex. op needed:true/false

    -Ability to name your region ex. After puting [claim] on the sign you can put "My House" or somthing below that and that will be the name of the region.

    -Ability to add people to your regions ex. /add [playername] "region"

    -Ability to remove people from your regions ^^^^^
    -Ability for OPs to remove any region he/she desires

    -Any other stuff you guys think would be helpfull.
    Command List:
    /add [playername] {region}
    /remove [playername] {region}
    Make sure to have:

    -Limits on "chunks"

    If you are intrested in making this plugin please message me and we can talk through skype.

    All help is apreatiated.


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    You could try and use WorldGuard, and set the flag as "buyable". Then use a command sign so your player can click the sign and get the region
    Also Why you no format???
    Read the sticky!!
    **[READ ME FIRST]**

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    Codex Arcanum

    So, you are suggesting that the OP define a region for *every* chunk in the entire world and flag them all as buyable and place command signs in each chunk? Because the OP is asking for a self-serve land protection plugin, and you are suggesting usage of multiple decidely non-self-serve protection plugins.
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    As i said before
    I didn't say you have to.
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    I dont want world guard or anything. I just want my players to place a sign, make a region for them selfs, add/remove players to the protection. and op to remove any region that interferes with the server. Can anybody do that?
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