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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Mr_Killer01, Dec 5, 2019.

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    Isn't it annoying that plugins come and go, some keep working and some don't. When a plugin is old, unavailable, abandoned, or doesn't work anymore, and you had this on your server, implemented it's availability throughout your server but it is no longer there, but sometimes people try to use a plugin that is no longer there, seeing that command, trying that command and no explaining why it does not work anymore, would it not be nice to have a simple plugin that checks commands that you need to redirect to your own message?

    For instance, we switched from PermissionEx (PEX) to LuckPerms, but users can ask why it does not work. It worked before in their perception, truth, but now I can capture the commands starting with /PEX to a simple message that tells them why and how to proceed.....

    Is there anyone who can make such simple plugin, permissions to everyone to read and let the plugin answer from a simple text file like:

    - /PEX "This plugin is not here anymore, use /LP or /LP help for commands."

    - /K "This plugin is abandoned because of long term not being updated and more sh**."

    So this way the user who had knowledge of a plugin earlier, can now read the cause and knows what to do.

    Only staff has the ability to call the list of commands ingame and alter them.

    Anyone who might think this is needed, and being able to make such plugin? Thanks.....
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    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Thanks man......
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    Does this plugin still need development?
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