Simple Plugin Request (No more than 10 Minutes)

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  1. Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: (Anything)

    What I want: All I want is a redstone torch than on the right click will enable or disable players on the server (Make them invisible)
    Some Examples: Hypixels server, GameSlabs Server
    If possible can this be configurable to the items than can be on right click.
    Also if it is a redstone torch can it be a lit and a unlit one
    I also need a delay so players dont spam it.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: (Name).use

    When I'd like it by: Today If Possible
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    I could write this. i'll send you a link when i'm done.
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    Hello ShadowKnight1234. I have finished the plugin. Here is the information for the plugin.

    * hideall.use - Ability to use the hideall item or command
    * hideall.admin - You are not hidden from other players

    * /hideall - Hide all players

    Currently is only works when you right click a Redstone torch on/off.
    I will make it customizable in the future when I get around to it. I hope you enjoy

    Download link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    If you want any improvements or other requests. Than just tag me here or pm me.

    I have done this already qhenckel
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    #@dailylove isabadass ;P
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    DailyLove, sorry about my bad english, if i read correctly he specified they not want commands, i made my version of this with item-id, delay and messages configurables
    ShadowKnight1234 this is my version:
    Download Link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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  7. Thanks! DailyLove you are amazing love the work and eriosgamer thanks also I will pm yall I I have any questions!
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    eriosgamer It doesn't have to be exact. Some people can't get there hands on a redstone torch.

    ShadowKnight1234 I'm currently working on making the item customizable. Also make it so that if they are invisible if you right click it again; they will appear again. Another change I am working on it adding a 5 second coolodown on commands and item right clicks.
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    DailyLove in some part you have reason but all depends the way he use it, if he want for a lobby and give the item on join its perferlc withou commands, but if is for server use, your version is the best
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    * Instead of a overall one minute wait. It is now a five second cooldown in between right clicking.
    * Another change is if you have players hidden and try to right click again, it will show your players again. Same as the other way around.
    * Two customizable Item ids in the config.
    * Ability to change the item name in the config.
    * It will only work if you have the same exact item and name; that is defined in the config.
    * If a player does not have the item in there inventory, when they join they will be automatically given the item defined in the config.
    * Overall code cleaned up. Any other requests you want feel free to ask.
    * Whenever you right click an item. It switches between item one and two, depending if players are visible or not.

    New Download Link: Here (No longing the download link)
    Download Link is down below on last post.

    eriosgamer ShadowKnight1234

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    DailyLove nice, this is much better than the last and mine together, congrats :D

    not occur to me what the object would have a specific name, but is easy to do, and include the option to give the item to the player if not have it.

    I am newbie in the plugin programming, i take easy request to learn and practice, thanks to you and ShadowKnight1234, for let me practice and test my first plugin.
  12. DailyLove Love the work however the config is not working atm it does not show any features
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  14. That fixed it however the item does not change when used DailyLove Amazing WORK!
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    ShadowKnight1234 Oh right I mis-interpreted your message. I'll work on that now

    New download link is in my previous post
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    can one of u make it so that if you craft a redstone torch it wont work
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    floydms If a player does craft one, they still need the hideall.use permission node to use it. So it will depend on how the server owner will use it
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    ShadowKnight1234 I've made some bug fixes and improvements to the plugin
    • Fixed some small bugs
    • Added Wither Spawn sound on right click

    Download Link: Here

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