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    I run an RP server where players often come into contact with RP situations involving searching people for items (which has to be acted out/ pretended currently).

    As it is acted out, when a player reveals his/ her inventory there is always the possibility that the player being searched can lie about what they have. A plugin that allows players to request to view anothers inventory (but not edit it) would make it a lot more reliable!

    When a player wants to view another players inventory they could type (example)
    "/invcheck <player name>" Which would then notify the player saying "<player> wants to view your inventory, type /invaccept to allow them to, or type /invdeny to deny the request" to which if the player types /invaccept, the requesting player then opens the GUI of the targets inventory so they can see what is in it LEGIT.

    BUT! The sneaky players amongst us will realise that if the also open their own inventory GUI as it is being viewed and then they click an item (to move it) but do not place it anywhere, the requesting player wont be able to see that item in their inventory because technically it isn't there, it is being moved. So sneaky players can 'move' swords as their inventories are being viewed making it seem as if they have "no weapons" when in fact they do, they just hid it successfully! Making it more then possible for players to sneak weapons through RP checkpoints, etc. but also limiting the amount of weapons to 1.... unless it is possible to move items into the crafting section too (meaning they arent visible in their inventory) making it possible to hide multiple things in a very clever sneaky way! (but we wont tell them that)
  2. I'll make it.
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    Thank you!
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    I made this plugin: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    [quote uid=90847427 name="walton98" post=1713556]I made this plugin: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Seems legit....


    All you need is essentials and a few little edits.... I could make it in about 5-10 mins...

    User Issues Command -> User Recieves command -> User Accepts -> /sudo [USER SENDING] invsee [USER RECIEVING]

    If you still need my help just message me.
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  6. AFAIK you can't sudo someone with a command that they don't have the access to, it won't be executed.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Plugin does what it needs to do
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    The system works perfect (the commands and function) but it allows players to edit each others inventory when accepted (which i don't want). Is it possible to allow players just to VIEW each others inventory on request but NOT EDIT???


    It was because 2 ops tested it, when normal players used it it worked fine!

    Thanks bro!

    Also -

    Any chance someone can attempt something like this?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    The plugin posted by walton98 is clean.
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    @walton98 Just a quick thing, i've found that when players in creative do /invaccpet to a request, they can no longer edit their own inventory... After having someone view their inventory they cant remove things from their own inventory in creative... (not sure if this happens with survival too, haven't tested it yet)
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    Okay. It's because of the way I checked the event. I have re-uploaded the file and it should work now.
    (the link is the same)

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