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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Jackim, May 4, 2011.

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    I have a simple mod request regarding vines.
    I would like a mod where you could climb vines as ladders, without having to place it on a separate block (essentially rope ladders, just using vines).

    Also, by vines I mean reeds, which I can place using voxel sniper.

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    well a mod cant be used online for the most part, a mod to fit with a mod, you might wanna ask the dev of that mod, they would most likly know how to do it, also this would be nice, but since it involves a client mod it kinda sucks :(

    oh sorry its not a mod :p

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    Yeah, I think this would be a simple, awesome plugin! Hope someone decides to do it!
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    So what you want is the ability to stack reeds higher than 3 blocks and to allow them the property of ladders for the purpose of climbing correct?

    Sounds fun.

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