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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AlwaysAllstar, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Someone may how to do this simpler, if so I apologize and ask you to please share with me.

    Plugin category: Request Information

    Minecraft version: 1.14

    Suggested name: InfoCommands

    What I want: I'd like players to be able to learn about different features on the server by doing a command and a message being displayed to that player showing whatever I want.

    Basically, a plugin where I can add commands and then when a commands run, the corresponding message will be shown to the player that ran it. Here is the config I imagine:

    1 - '/A'
    2- '/B'
    3- '/C'
    (Continues for however many the player wants.)

    1- 'Message shown to player who ran /A'
    2- 'Message shown to player who ran /B'
    3- 'Message shown to player who ran /C'
    (Continues for however many commands there are to match with.)

    The use of this I imagine is so I can make a command named '/bounty' for example and then set the message explaining how the bounty system works for my server. This is so if a player doesn't know how a feature works, he or she can just do a command and learn about it. Sort of like a quick tutorial. This can be used for other things as well like '/rp' and then the message provides the player with a download link to the server's resource pack.

    I would also really love the implementation of color and format of text so I can make it look much better.

    If it makes it any easier, you can design it so the commands are by default '/A' '/B' '/C' and maybe all the way down to '/Z' and so all you can configure is the messages for each command rather than the commands as well. From there, I'll just use aliases to have '/bounty' for example run '/A'. That config would probably be something like:

    A- 'Message shown to player who ran /A'
    B- 'Message shown to player who ran /B'
    C- 'Message shown to player who ran /C'
    (Go onto however many commands there are [Z?])

    Basically the config from before just without being able to change the commands.

    To round it all up, a player runs a command and a message is shown to that player. The message and possibly the command to show that message can be configured to fit the needs of the server developer.

    Ideas for commands: Either whatever commands the player adds, or default ones that can't be changed like '/A' '/B' etc. I'm guessing the second would be much easier, if so then that's perfectly fine. I'll just use aliases. :)

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed. Everyone will be able to do every command by default.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as time allows. :)
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    Here you go:

    I am not providing any further support for this plugin but any developer should be able to update it. Source code:

    I have added a /info <command> command which reads the info specified in the config file and displays it to the player. The plugin also supports color codes (included examples in the config). If a player types a command which is not specified in the config, the following message is displayed "There is no information available for that command" in red.

    Example of the config:
        command: info
    tested on a CraftBukkit 1.14 server
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    Thank you so much!
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