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    All I want is a simple Clan Tag plugin.
    The plugin will add JUST a clan tag: no extra commands, NOTHING EXTRA, just A SIMPLE CLAN PREFIX.
    Something like this: <%clan%<%prefix%<Name>%suffix%>
    Some examples:
    <DaKillaz<Admin<John> Hey, what's up?
    <DaKillaz<Peter> Hey man, someone forgot to protect their house, let's raid it!
    <RotS<Anna> Everybody! I found some diamonds.

    Would be great if this plugin would be made specifically for GroupManager and EssentialsChat.

    hurrr durrr just use GroupManager you n00b!

    I WOULD use it, I AM using it, but GroupManager doesn't support multiple prefixes or suffixes. Also, I don't need separate permissions, just a simple plugin which puts extra text to the name. NOTHING ELSE.

    omg just get Factions or (hardcore raid plugin name here)!

    No! I don't need extra functions, features, just a simple plugin which puts extra text to the name. NOTHING ELSE.

    /clantag add user tag (e.g. /clantag add Anna RotS)
    /clantag remove user (e.g. /clantag remove Anna)

    Optional commands (NOT needed, but would be neat to have.):
    /clantag removeall (removes all clan tags)
    /clantag clanlist (lists all clans)
    /clantag userlist (lists all users, who have a clan and their clan)

    Permission nodes: (optional, you could just make that only OP can edit/give/remove the tags)
    clantag.share (give someone the Tag you have yourself, would NOT require clantag.give)
    clantag.receive (the ability to GET a tag, I think this would require a lot of effort to make, so you can just skip this)

    Data should be stored simply in the SimpleClanTags folder config.yml

    Yeah, so the name of the plugin should be SimpleClanTags.

    Thank You in advance!
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    Just get another prefix plugin?
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    The example suggests you run a raiding plugin. Factions add the prefix of the clan's name. It also protects area :)
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    This IS the one! Thanks!

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