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    Firstly, I know about the FoundDiamonds plugin. It's a great plugin, but setting traps to stop x-ray diamond thieves doesn't work if x-ray players are all over the world mining diamonds. I can't set traps everywhere.

    Having said that: What if there was a plugin that kicked, killed and banned (in succession) players for x-ray infractions. This could be determined by threshold rules. A rule would describe if A amount or more of B ore is found in C time, what action to take (kick, kill or ban). If the thresholds were adjusted via a config file and well tuned, non x-ray players would never have a problem, but x-ray players would eventually get sick of having to be very slow about mining, or be kicked, killed or eventually banned.

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    That's a good idea. A better idea might be a mod that says "Only load blocks the player can clearly see" or "If the player can't see a block, turn it into soulsand until the player CAN clearly see it."
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    The AntiXRay plugin replaces buried ore with stone until it's uncovered. No disrespect intended to the authors of AntiXRay, but that has its own problems which have included people losing all the ore from their worlds.
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    I approve this message.

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