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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by John Tam, Jul 21, 2012.

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    John Tam


    I was wondering if it is possible to have a plugin where you use a sign as a shop, but unlike other sign shops, it allows users to type in how many they want to buy of that specific item instead of having a set amount on the sign. The plugin is basically a combination of the ChestShop that uses signs/chests and the Lottery+ Feature where it allows users to type on the in-game chat of how many tickets they would like to purchase.

    How it would possibly work is:
    Create a sign inside your shop area with the following formate:
    LINE 1: <Name of the shop/user>
    LINE 2: Buy:<amount per item>
    LINE 3: Sell:<amount per item>
    LINE 4: <Item Name or ID>

    By right clicking on the sign, it will let you BUY the item.
    By left clicking on the sign, it will let you SELL the item.
    Would be nice if you can configure the left/right click to what you want like the ChestShop plugin.

    By Right clicking on the sign, it will ask you a question in the chat:
    Q: How many <item name, example: stone> would you like to buy?
    A: The user will then type in a numeric number. If the user enters anything else like letters, it will cancel the order

    The same concept can work with Selling.

    -Why not just use the ChestShop plugin?

    I don't like using a set amount to buy and/or sell at once since in ChestShop or most other plugins, you must set a specific amount and sell.

    Even if you put 1 amount to sell at once, the user has to click multiple times which can be annoying and also lag the server possibly. So allowing the user to actually type the amount they want to sell/buy, its quick, easy and causes less lag on the server.


    It would also be nice if you can add:
    - Transaction logs in a log.txt or somethign similar
    - Permissions (I'm using PermissionsEX)
    - Of course, ties in with major economy plugins like iConomy (with vault of course)
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    You know how much work it would be?
    Why can't you settle for essentials or chestshop?
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    try BarterSigns

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