*Sigh*... Is this really possible or is this just an excuse ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KakusCraft, May 3, 2012.

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    Okay, so i host my server on this VPS since 3 months ago.

    6 GB Ram, 3.1 Ghz CPU, and CentOs5

    Its running smooth and fine for 2 more months, until 2 days ago, at 10 PM my time, my players got disconected with "End of stream" errors. ALL of my players.

    Few minutes later, they can login back just fine and the server running smooth with no any lag. I am not restarting the server.

    This happen in the next 2 day at EXACT same time. 10 Pm my time

    *Note : I am not adding any plugin, not changing server slot, not changing any config.

    So i am guessing that the vps has lost internet connection.

    The next day it happens, when its down with end of stream error, i tried logi to my VPS using putty, and it didnt work, at this point i am sure that is a connection problem.

    This morning i contacted the host about this and the host said :

    "There was no any connection problem, maybe your server is overloaded and the VPS restarted itself"

    I mean, WTF ? Is there any way that my server still running if the VPS restart itself ?

    Is that possible, vps restarting and then bukkit just run fine ?
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    I'm a little rusty with Linux, but try running "last reboot" from a shell prompt. That should tell you when the OS started last. Compare that to when you lose your connection (game or SSH).

    I've seen linux systems with extremely high load averages, and never did any of them restart out of the blue like that.
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    I have the exact same problem and its awefull. I get it atleast 8 times a day and im rly trying to fix it.
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    A server should never restart itself by being overloaded. Period. if it does you have a hardware problem.

    Linux does have a process that will kill processes if it runs out of memory though, this wouldn't restart the pprocess though so it's unlikely to be the problem.

    As to how your server restarted if the machine rebooted, yes, that's perfectly possible if you installed a startup script with the server
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    Deleted user

    I suggest getting a better VPS. Your VPS ATM sounds like someone who simply doesn't care about your problem.
    I highly doubt your server was overloaded.. it's almost impossible for someone with your specs to have your server overloaded. Ask your VPS to allow your server to use more RAM.
    If you ever do want to find a new VPS, I suggest Aim2Game if you want very good staff, and a high quality VPS, although their prices are a bit expensive. If you want a cheap VPS, use RedstoneHost, but their servers are laggy.
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