Should I Update My Servers to 1.6.1?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MinerMovies, Jul 2, 2013.

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    1.6.1 just came out like yesterday and I wanted to know if I should update my server (IP: to 1.6.1
    So basically, does the majority use 1.6?

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    Most newbies will update their Minecraft without thinking about whether or not they'll be able to play on 1.5.2 servers; so yes the majority does use it.
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    If you do... I can't stress how important backups are :p
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    I usually setup a 2nd server that is running the newest MC update and start moving the plugins into it. If they plugins work, then the server is closer to being fully updated, if not I haft to wait for the devs of the plugins to update them. Once everything works how it should, I just move the 2nd server as the main one and save the old one as a backup.
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    i have had some corrupt chunks with 1.6 not sure if bukkit or a plugin
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    The newest dev build seems to be pretty stable so far
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    Factions didn't work for me.
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    Not gonna risk messing up my server just to update early.. Think it's safer to wait a week or so :)
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    A whole week?
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    Nothing against Development Builds, but they are truthfully not stable. I wouldn't risk my servers 'health' just so that I could update faster.
    It's better to wait until you have at least a beta build so you don't jeopardize your server / plugins.
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    If you wait until Beta build is up, will your plugins still work if they weren't working on dev build?
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    Well, after a bit of thinking, no, I wont update. I have Spigot anyway and I need Factions to work on my Factions server. Thank you a LOT!

    You guys were helpful!

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    Yeah, factions just said Unknown command for me on my server.
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    Maybe, Maybe not. Most likely not, but why have yourself update plugins twice if they'r broken on dev builds.
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    Factions is updated. I updated just fine, everything but DisguiseCraft is working, flawlessly.
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    Silly, the thing is I have factions 2.0. You probably don't have the same version as I do.

    Would there be a way to downgrade to your version of factions?

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    2.0 works fine too. You have to update mcore as well.
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    Using build #2805 and it's completely stable so far.
    Not a single plugin had to be tossed.

    Also, you can simply make a backup of your server and experiment on that.
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    I am having trouble with worldguard. What can I use to make it work.
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    Please explain 'trouble' in a more specific way.
    Do you have any logs or error messages?
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    No, I saw it wasn't updated and people including me couldn't break anything.
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    My worldguard works just fine.
    Are you absolutely sure that worldguard is the problem causer?
    Various plugins have the ability to block actions, including modifyworld, factions and worldguard.
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    WorldGuard didn't break when I updated. WorldEdit has an update out, so I would update that.

    Backup everything, update to 1.6.1. If all goes well, continue on your marry way, if not, restore from backup.
    I don't think he's tried to update yet.
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    Yes, Yes, It works Fine download the latest build
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    It may SEEM like it's working fine and giving no console errors but the truth is 1.6.1 in itself is buggy as hell, then you add another layer of bukkit bugs on top of it and you have a scenario where hundreds of little problems are all over your server and will not pop up until a player experiences it.

    Thankfully you can run 1.6 and 1.5 separately so it's not a big deal to have to rush a server update to make your userbase happy.
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    90% of actuals plugins will work fine on lastest dev build.

    But vanilla 1.6.2 will be out on monday, and it'll fix about 30 bugs ( 2 items dup bugs ) and that may mess your enonomy... so yes, I will wait.
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    Ok Updated!
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    You should have waited. 1.6.2 was released today, so you're still a version behind. :p
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