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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by cjbh1996, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I discovered today that I can run a server through Dropbox with surprisingly little lag. This means that for all you home-hosted admins, you can share the server and run it in shifts with your buddies. I have 2 other players I keep admin on my server and I really trust them so we've set up some shifts of running the server. We can keep the server 24/7, and not have to worry about frying our computers. It's really quite nice, actually, because an entire server only takes up about 1GB max (my entire server is 40MB atm) and I suggest doing this to anyone who runs their server at home. Sorry if this was a widely-known perk, I just wanted to spread the word a little.
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    your server still has to handle all the connections and server stuff.. you just moved the data off to a remote site..

    what does this gain you again? besides lag?

    not trying to be rude, just really not sure why you would want to do this
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    Soul Reaper

    It lets more than one person manage the server when you host nondedicated servers
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    The problem is it uses a lot more bandwidth as everytime you change a file (The world) it syncs with dropbox's servers.
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    Easily solved by not including world folder in sync list. Myself and my head admin have been doing this for over a month, no issues so far!
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    So what's the point of using dropbox to do this?
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    Well in my case, the person who I share the folder with knows far more about programming than I do, allowing him to fix issues that I can't, or add new plugins/permissions as he sees fit.
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    What would happen if both run the server at the same time?
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    They would be different ip addresses?
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    You can potentially have a server that has zero down time (Minus the restarts for stuff you HAVE to restart the server for).

    For instance, I have a server for literally only one of my friends and I. I cant always leave my computer running so he can hop on and off of the server as he pleases. So, I have my files in dropbox and he can access and start the server whenever he pleases.

    Although it doesnt seem that necessary with only myself and one other person on my server, now that I have gotten more friends on the Minecraft bandwagon, I think i might have to try this.
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    My point is, you can't both have a server on your computer with the same config file? The only benefit I see from it is having the same world synced so you don't lose that data.
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