Set block 90 close to each other

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by liverpool_fan_98, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. How can I set block 90 close to each other?
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    Block 90?
  3. yes, the portal block. If I place to or more portal blocks next to each other they just disappear.. Help!!
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    Hold on bud first we need some information we need to know what plugins you have what it says if anything when you place it etc. We can't just know based on that.
  5. It's is not any plugins, it's the hole minecraft, I need something to make so I can place it next to each other, a plugin or something.
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    1. Select a region with e.g. //wand
    2. //fast (enables fast-mode, which also allows to set unsafe portals)
    3. //set 90
    4. //fast (again to disable fast-mode)
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    I am using worldedit for a while but never heard of //fast before thanks for telling will become handy for sure xD. JWhy
  8. Thanks alot man!!
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