Servers MOTD know my name?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sunnybuoy, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Hey guys,
    On some servers that I have on my server list have my name in their MOTD? Is there a way to do this? What is this called?
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    I dont think thats what I am looking for. I meant this<Removed advertising - Necrodoom>

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    I think he means the server 'description' message that you see below the server name in the multiplayer list/menu, not the MOTD you see when you log into a server.
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    Necrodoom I understand it's advertising, but now we can't see what he means.
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    Garris0n Then he can do it without advertising.
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    isnt that a client side mod? Until you connect to a server it wont know your UUID/name to print it on your client side server listing. reason Im asking is personalmotd is just a random namer... way it was explained it seemed 'all the time'?
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    Sorry, I didn't know...

    Thats what Im trying to figure out

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    is it all the time? ask if anyone else seeing the same thing when they connect as you are? Im kinda curious to the point I wanna ask the address just to put it in my own server list to see if they get my name from out of the blue also. :eek:
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    We don't have the player's name off the bat, what we can do is when a player joins, we can grab their username||UUID and record it with their IP. Later when they come back to their server's list and ping the servers, we get the IP that pinged us, see if its in our list of IP:Usernames, and put the username in the MOTD.
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    AH! Tricky EBILNESS lol! :cool: heh thanks Gamecube762 for the info.
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