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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by derpium, Mar 24, 2012.

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    I'll chime in to help a bit here. I run HCFactions which is 125 slots, and I can handle 125 players at 20/ticks a second. Let me go over a few things.

    1. Your power will come from your CPU and your HDD. For my server, I have a dedicated box (Intel i2600K) with 16GB of memory. I run CentOS with a ramdisk setup that does ramdisk saves every hour and backups every 12 hours. I still have an SSD in the box, so backups are fast.

    2. Plugins make a huge difference, as does your setup. If I were running a creative server I imagine I could get to 200 or more players easy, maybe 400. The reason for this is no monsters, and minimal plugin overhead. For a survival server, plugins can make or break you. As an example, I had a single custom coded plugin that prevented me from getting over 80 players. I had it optimized and no lag to 125. You have to begin thinking of plugins in what events they monitor. NoCheat for example monitors movement, fighting, and block placement. This means it is basically triggering on every event a player makes. Big CPU user, but for most of us PvP server owners, something you'll need. Orebfuscator manipulates at the chunk level, another big CPU user, but something you'll need in a PvP environment. Using a plugin that has regions? It is going to track player movement. Using a plugin that modifies combat values? It's going to fire off on any combat event. Learning the event system is your first step to understand how plugins alter the performance of a server. Using bukkit's debug timing option allows you to peak at what plugins are using the most CPU time and help you optimize.

    3. Bandwidth. You can't run a big server from your home. You will need a 100mbs connection ideally located near a big data center. Find a good dedicated server host.

    4. DDOS protection. Yep, you are going to get hit. Are you okay with having your server hit hard for a couple hours or do you want to use a professional host that puts DDOS protection at the firewall level? It'll cost you if you want it.

    I hope that helps. I did some heavy modification to the bash scripts available on the various wiki's to meet my needs. I have no issue sharing how I did things. One of these days I'll write a guide to prevent others having to spend 100s of hours like I did on setting up a server (I had never touched linux prior to starting my server). Also, I am happy to refer you to my host. I pay $179/month for my setup, which is a bit of a steal.
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    I wouldn't call $179/month for a i7 with 16GB RAM and a SSD a "steal".
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    I went down to the City Clerk and am now a licensed business. Which means Verizon will install up to a 20,000mbps line to my home. I'll be getting the tiered system, and start off at 100mpbs, upgrading to 1000mpbs when I need it. All I had to do was say that I am a small home-based business and present the license.

    EDIT: Verizon's Business model provides DDOS protection under the SLA.
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    Yes, they will totally filter you when you're getting slammed by 100mbps of pure UDP for hours on end. Haha nope.

    I'm jealous of your line though, purely because it's at your house. How much are you going to pay for it?
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    $2800 a month, and I'm paying for the ability to be slammed. That's the purpose of the line, I'm pretty sure that they're aware of that.
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    Nathan C

    Ok, now I am not sure if you are trolling...

    So you are going to pay $2,800 per month for a dedicated 100 mbit line to your house?

    Instead of paying ~$60 to collocate it in a datacenter that has:

    - Cool temperature environment
    - Redundant connections
    - Multihomed upstream providers
    - Secure environment usually with security onsite
    - Redundant power ( usually multiple feeds, UPS and diesel generators)
    - Nice and clean power
    - Fire detection and suppression systems
    - 100 mbit or gigabit connection
    - Etc?

    you would rather homehost and pay $2,800 for a dedicated line..?
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    The FUCK.

    You can colocatate with FDC, a rather nice provider with a premium bandwidth mix, for $600/month. You'd get a fucking 10gbps port, and MUCH better peering. For pity's sake, you could rent a 42U rack with 1gbps and 20A of power for $1149. And this isn't even a budget datacenter like some others you'd find at WHT (although I have no doubt that there are better ones out there).

    Nathan's points are correct.
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    I didn't read the whole thread, but what I would do:
    Trash that mac! You might like it at your home, you don't like it as a server.
    Go for a linux server.
    Hardware: I7, overclocked (on air: 4.6Ghz stable) 32 or 64 GB RAM, I'd go for 32 (64GB costs some thousands, last time I saw it)
    Get at least 1gbps for your players.
    Forget java servers. Go look for a C++ server, that supports multithreading, and is more RAM efficient.
    get it colocated in a good datacenter.
    World at Ramdisk, if that isn't possible, SSD RAID.
    backups to HDD.

    You forgot the DDOS protection, if you have a good one.
    10Gbps lines are available to, connected to multiple power networks.
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    Before tossing around thousands of dollars, play smart and don't waste your money by hosting a server at your house. That's just silly.
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    I think there's some confusion. I will not be paying 2800 for a 100mbps line. Fuck no. Honestly, I just don't like data centers. I want my hardware within my reach. There is no trolling here, I'm a very ambitious person.
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    Oh really?

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    Based on my research, it is. The only cheaper alternative, considering I am on a 100mbit line with more than enough bandwidth, is to purchase the server myself and colocate. Most server providers are looking at $250-$350 for the same setup. If you know of a cheaper alternative by all means prove me wrong and post the link to the service.
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    And many more, but these are the higher quality providers that offer budget i7-2600s.
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