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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Lorddrakefox, May 1, 2011.

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    Me and my friends have been playing on a privately hosted server for a while now, and we have just discovered this site the other day, and now we have a question.
    I's it possible for us to some how upload and use our current server some how? since we would like for it to be able to activate different plugins and mods, aswell as enter the nether since we can on your current server.
    the reason we are asking this is because we have used quiet some time on our current server to build up ALOT of structures, mines, railroads and alot of other stuff, we would hate to lose at those things if we can avoid it some how.

    And thanks before hand for any positive reply's
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    I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking correctly or not. You want to have your server hosted by a hosting company, and have the same plugins and map you have now? That shouldn't be an issue at all. Almost all hosting companies allow for you to install mods; some even come with bukkit pre-installed and you can easily upload the plugins you want. And, I'm quite sure you can just upload your map file as well.
    What is the website you are talking about?
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    No the problem is we have a map hosted on 1 of our private computers at home, and we cant install mods and plugins proberly with out it messing with either the server or our ability to log in.
    so we want to transfer our "current" server from our hosts pc "onto"
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    no 1 there can answer my question? please?
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    So you want to run bukkit, even though you have bukkit? Or do you have bukkit and you want to buy a server off Or are you not understanding bukkit is a server software and is not a server host? Or are you just having problems with bukkit? From which software is your server moving from? Minecraft Standard? hMod? Others?
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    nono we didnt run it with bukkit, we ran it some random program we found online, there "didnt" support plugins and mods, se want to know if we can just move our server into our bukkit server some how, but we doesnt work prober for us, it just starts a new server instead.
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    Bad grammar, and i do not see what you are trieng to ask.
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    @<Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> You simply need to copy the world folder into your new server directory. Stick it on a USB pen drive or something like that. If however you don't have physical access to the machine, and what you're asking is how to transport it over the internet to yourself...just put the world folder in a ZIP archive and upload it to a free file hosting site such as <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> Then just log onto MediaFire from your home computer and download it.
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    mughi is NOT A SERVER HOST

    it is a server MODIFICATION

    YOU provide / rent/ whatever the server
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    If your going to comment my gramma please get you're own right first.
    I know it ain't a hosting site, its just that when we try to get the data from our old server, it just starts a complete new 1(it generates a new server from scratch) instead of using the data we give it.(also I properly formulated it wrongly in my first post, and I apologies for that)
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    My own right? I have the freedom of speech, therefore that IS my right. I said you have bad grammar and it's true.
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    i think i know what you mean. if i understood you right you want to have a bukkit server but keep your current world?

    if thats what you wanted its easy to do :) you just copy the world folder from your old server and copy it into the main bukkit folder. then you go to server properties and change the world name to what ever your world is called :)
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    This ain't a troll tread so move on, and the forums are used to help people, not criticize their English or other stuff like that, so please keep your snappy comments to your self if they don't contribute to the tread.
    .......... ^^^^^(notice the word PLEASE! just so you can see it Danny)

    I think I see where our problem is then, we will give it a try and hope for the best.
    and thanks for the help so far.
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    Nathan C

    Oh, well my host is Bukkit.

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