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    One of the biggest problems for any server owner is the problem of players hoping around and leaving when they see a server empty. When all they need to do is stay and more people will come in and stop for a while.

    Im looking for a plugin that reports x number of players in the server in the multiplayer screen and also reports player names /list. The more elaborate the bettter. Maybe they can have fake conversations or look for key words or phrases by real players and respond. I dont need a physical character in the game because the world is so big, I just want the server selection screen and the /list to show players.
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    wow, good idea!
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    Sounds good.
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    So its something you would donate someone for? If that's the case, now we would just need someone who can actually code it. :)

    I was actually hoping it was already made(most games with large coding communities have these). But if anyone knows a coder interested in it, I would donate 10 for a working version and Im sure others would donate too.

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