Server password protection for 1.2.3

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Optiknerve, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Is there a server password system available for 1.2.3? All current ones are a year outdated.

    Thanks :)
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    Do you mean, like when someone joins, they are required to enter a password before they can do anything?
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    Yes thats exactly what i mean, when they log on they are bound to a pre-defined box/area with no abilities other than to enter a password . I cant find one for 1.2.3
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    Ok, so do they need to enter 1 password that has been set for the entire server, or do they set a personal password when they first join?
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    I already have one ready for 1.2.3, I can remake it to fit your server and your requests. Skype me! Gangraz1
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    I currently dont have a skype, working on it tho for my livestreams
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    What about AuthMe?
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    I have not heard of authme, i will look it up,'thank you
  9. I am currently working on a plugin that i might call IpLock. What it does:

    it checks if the players name is in a players.yml
    if it is in the yml, it checks if the players ip "connected" to the players name.​
    if it is connected the player logs in.​
    if it is not connected the player has 2 options:​
    1. log in as a guest using their password.
    2. "connect" the ip they play on to their name as well. So the server will not ask for a password again if they log in with the same name on that ip.
    if the name is not in the yml, the player will be asked to give a password. That password will be encrypted and stored.
    The player can then choose to "connect" the ip he is playing on to his name. Or log in as a guest.

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