Server owners - Bukkit - and Mojang. OFFICIAL server shut down notice.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pilotdan1985, Sep 8, 2014.

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    Where has this gotten us exactly? Blaming Mojang. I'm sure that'll help.

    Bukkit is dead. Only hope now is Mojang resurrecting it.
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    Wait, is that optimism I hear in you? Wow, totally got my chocolate in your peanut butter. :p
    And vise-versa... I've had a headache for days which I suspect is from all this madness. Time for some single-player stress relief! Escapism for the win. :)
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    I used to share your opinion, but then I dug deeper into the facts and my opinion changed.
    To summarize, you don't know what has actually transpired. (Which is mostly due to poor communication from the bukkit team imo, they have been too conservative with information at times... but I don't think they are to blame for the absurd way it spiraled out of control.)

    To give an example of how your understanding of the situation is very very flawed:
    EvilSeph didn't try to shut down bukkit. When EvilSeph made that post, what had actually happened was that bukkit had already died. All staff hadn't officially quit at that time, but internally most had already stopped or almost stopped working. EvilSeph wasn't shutting it down - he saw a bunch of tired burnt out staff that had mostly lost their motivation and will to work, he saw less and less effort being put into bukkit and that almost no progress was being made - he was just making the end of the project official news. (And I don't expect you to take my word for it - I have the chatlogs with staff to back it up - it can be found in the thread linked to in my sig.) I think he worded it as a shutdown to protect his team from backlash. The true post would have been roughly: "Most of the staff is tired of running bukkit and the project has been in a coma for some time now - changing it's official status to dead... :/" - but that would have risked massive backlash against the team that had at one point poured so much of their heart and soul into bukkit. The whining you have at mojang now from uninformed kids - it would have been the same but against the actual bukkit people.

    Really it was mojang causing it to spiral out of control after that by, just as you, not digging deep enough to find the facts. At least you are just a normal community member, and nobodys perfect so I don't blame you (I'm trying to fill in some of the missing pieces for you with this post) but mojang, in an official capacity, should perhaps had investigated the situation before making official statements. Or at least investigated at some point after that. As far as I can tell mojang still doesn't know why bukkit really died, and that is very very sad proof of extremely poor communication.

    (Have mojang not tried to contact any of the bukkit team-members directly and asked for more dialog? Really it would seem so... How does that rate on a effort and situation management scale... 2/10 imo - writing 10~20 emails trying to discuss things with core team members == too much effort - or too poor management to realize that could have been a good idea... For a company with the kind of cashflow and userbase that mojang has that's a total disgrace. There is no way around the fact that they have been doing a really poor job of understanding their own community!)

    To clarify I'm not raging at mojang - I think they are a cool company overall. I'm just saying that they have fucked up and this could have been a very solvable problem if they had invested more resources into community relations. Instead it turned into a train wreck. A normal user like yourself not investing time (and/or money) into finding the facts is one thing, a multimillion dollar company doing the same is just... very very poor management.

    Well if the latest business rumors are true mojang is selling Minecraft to Microsoft for a shitwad of cash anyway...
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    Of which are all outdated, and will inevitably be DCMA'd also if they are compatible with Bukkit plugins, which is a need for most server owners.

    This reply to the original post is pathetic. Mojang is not stopping the Bukkit project. Wesley Wolfe has stopped the Bukkit Project because of idiotic copyright laws that shouldn't be there in the first place. Also, if you haven't noticed, almost all of the original Bukkit team has resigned. Mojang is in full control of Bukkit. If Mojang continued to fight and put Bukkit jars up, they would be skating on thin ice, with drowning-deep legal water below the ice. What is Mojang's fault is the new EULA, which caused all this to happen in the first place. This needs to be fixed, and then the Bukkit project will revitalize.

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    But Bukkit is claimed by DMCH (Or something, idk) because Craftbukkit has content of Minecraft itself, But Craftbukkit is owned of Mojang... A copyright claim of your own project? Not really logic..

    I don't understand that.. ^^
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    A lot of server owners aren't going to agree with this. Some only care about the donations and if they close the server they'll be losing that aspect.

    But i do agree with your stance. Bukkit is needed for minecraft to stay alive. Looking at all the server lists there are at least 20,000 people playing. Imagine all these players being removed from their servers. They'd get bored. They would stop playing. No more player base.

    I support this.
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    With the news of Microsoft buying Mojang I have decided that this will be the final blow to Bukkit. I see no reason to continue to try to raise awareness for the project. Microsoft is very protective of their code so I really think this will be the end of 3rd party hosting software. On a positive note, bring on the Microsoft coders!
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    You don't understand because you really don't understand it. The Wesley Wolfe guy is claiming that code in Bukkit is his, he has nothing to do with Mojang. He put the DMCA request out, not Mojang.
  9. smcallah DusRonald Wes Wolfe was a former dev at Bukkit he did a lot of the code with EvilSeph. He was angry about the EULA and Seph stepping down that he took out a copyright on Bukkit (DMCA). Mojang had nothing to do with it.
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    Mojang didn't DMCA it. A former developer for the project did. I'm contacting the Free Software Foundation, the authors of the GPL and LGPL licenses, to see if they can analyze the situation and help sort things out, since those actually in charge are being pathetically passive about all this bullcrap.

    And bring on the Microsoft licensing bullshit with all their proprietary software.

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    Sadly from what I'm seeing, Bukkit is falling apart :(
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