Server is lagging like hell (high end)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kalerion, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I made a Server and since a few days it is lagging like hell. The first week it run perfectly and since y-day evening it lags. On the Server there are never more then 4 player but also alone it laggs. I have 2 gb Ram and a 100mbit connection and an i7. When i ping the Server it has a ping of 34! Also without any plugin it laggs.
    Its a Debian Lenny Server.
    What happened? And why does it lag so much? I tried a normal Server (no bukkit) and it worked perfeclty!
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    Try making a new world.
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    what bukkit build do you use and do you know any specs about the harddrives?
    did you startup bukkit the recommended way?
    I could imagine java memory issues or slow harddrives could be a reason.

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    I dont want to lose the world, and its only a 14mb file.
    Its the 860 built, i also updated every plugin.
    And also the hard drives are fast enough.
    "java memory issues" What do you mean?

    edit: hwhen i shutdown the server it quite always happens that it stucks on "saving chunks" i waited one time at least 40 minutes, even on the new generated map! But if i type before i shutdown "save-all" ir works perfectly! Also quite fast (the saving in "save-all")

    edit2: its not that it laggs always! Its like 1 minutes it works perfect, then 10 second lag. Then it works again 1minute fine and another lag. Always like this...
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    i've heared from some friends of mine, minecraft (itself, client) tends to crash and/or lag when no heap space limit is defined.
    That's why the -Xmx parameter should be in your server startup file.
    For me, it seems 1.6.6 is generally a bit more laggy in SMP. But not in a too annoying way.
    I personally have a server hosted by nitrado, 10slot with bukkti 860 and some plugins (lockchest, essentials, permissions, myhome, mywarp), there is a >100MB Map with usually 4-6 players on it.
    There is some lagging in gameplay, but i can live with it.

    have you tried running a copy of your server (i think this one is a rootserver?) on your own pc and connecting locally? Or have you tried monitoring the system load?

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    I have always at least 1,2gb Ram free and a 1,4% load avrange
    i start it with a shell "java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar mc.jar"
    On a Win7 it works fine :/

    Can it be something with java?

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    could be possible, but unlikely because vanilla runs lag-free...
    Except a general workaroung (re-install java, run bukkit without ANY changes) i'm out of ideas.
    Perhaps you may try a newer build (863 and up should be fine).

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