Server hangs/disconnections in latest RB

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by hostiile, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Please tell me someone else is having a similar problem. You can join your own server, but after a minute, or just randomly in general, you will get the "Minecraft internal exception sockettimeoutexception" error. This usually happens when entering a command, any command for any plugin. Especially /memory

    As the title says, I'm running Bukkit 1.2.4-R1.0. I've never had this problem until the last few days. I've updated as many of my plugins as possible, and I still can't get it to stop disconnecting me.

    Plugins (28): BlockDoor, MultiInv, PlugMan, Minequery, WorldEdit, PermissionsBukkit, ColoredSigns, OnlineSigns, Vault, Multiverse-Core, SmoothRide, WorldGuard, TreeAssist, VoxelUpdate, Lottery, iConomy, Register, Permissions, ThisLogMustDie, Simple Player List, iChat, Heroes, Lift, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, Multiverse-SignPortals, LWC, ChestShop

    Any help is appreciated.
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    im experiencing similar issue with 1.2.5 recommended. Server's working good with 90 - 100 players online but in a few minutes it suddenly starts to choke and massive read time out-s and connection lost occurs.
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