Server Documentation - Is there a demand?

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Would you be interested in a website with in-dept tutorials & guides for your MC server?

  1. Yes.

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  2. Maybe.

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  3. Probably not.

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  4. No. (please say why in the description)

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    I have been thinking of creating a website with documentation on pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know about creating, setting up, and managing your minecraft server.
    Note: let me get this straight - This wouldn't just be a one-guide thing where you learn how to just setup your server, it would teach you all of the necessary things for your server to survive... in a way that normal people can understand.

    Do you know if there is a demand for a free service such as this? Should I take the time to do something like this?

    Is there anyone interested in helping? I'm espeically interested in getting someone who is great at javascript and php and can help me create an account system for logging in via xenforo, search, ect. ect.

    Is there already a website out there like this? (Besides google, because that doesn't always give you great, consistent easy to follow resources/guides made by others that you can follow)

    - Easy to follow layout
    - Commenting via a social account
    - Explanations of everything
    - Breadcrumbs
    - Possibly forums (once I get enough for xenforo)
    - Beginner to Advanced - Leveled guides
    - All guides would include screenshots
    - Text (and possibly) Video tutorials


    P.S. - Right now it's just an idea
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    Shameless bump... I know I have a friend who wants it... But I guess no one else does? :/
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    There are literally thousands of videos showing how to set up your perfect craftbukkit server.
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    Although very true, and there are quite a few of them that are quite good, and amazing, but they generally only cover how to setup your first server - They don't go in-dept into things after that stage, like why permissions are important, how to get certain things working on your server, tips to getting your server to run faster, (and for the whole "rented" hosting idea) - What is FTP and what does it mean to you, how do I navigate around my control panel, how to install plugins, ect. ect.

    To sum it up - Not many of them really cover what you need to know after setting up your server - and some people out there know what they want to do, but don't have any idea how to do it. (I.e. - You want ranks, but how do you get them and set them up?)
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    It would be good and bad.

    Bad: Many people who should not run a server would have the knownledge on how to run a server...

    Good: Players who actually care about there servers and not the money will have a better knowledge on things.

    So IMO It would be a good thing.
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    The best teacher is experience.
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    Thanks for letting me know!!!
    [cake] Have a cake for sharing your response!

    I don't think there is too much of a bad part of letting people who should not run a server have the knowledge, because although this would hand you almost all of your knowledge required on a silver platter, it is up to the reader on how they want to use that knowledge...

    Also I forgot to mention a part:
    The server documentation would compare a self hosted server/rented server from a host, and most of the guides will be made to work people who are renting a server (aka people dedicated enough to pay money).

    I respectfully agree and disagree,
    That statement is true for a lot of things, however, I couldn't have just said "I want to code plugins" and suddenly start typing in random lines in a text editor of some sort, hoping something would come out of it... everyone needs somewhere to start, and second opinions to get their server going.
    Some people also just need reassurance, so even if they don't learn anything new, they can double check that they're on the right track to success

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    Good point, but I didn't mean that so literally. Everything I know/learned was from reading the plugin tutorials, studying other servers, and posting on Bukkit forums. Making a streamlined guide to everything would certainly be convenient, but it takes away from the independence that server owners should have. Sure, help is great every once in a while, but you shouldn't have your hand held.
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    haha, true that - true that.
    Any ideas on how to get around it? (Or just not do the whole thing)
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    A single page that says read. All new server owners' problems would be solved if that just sat down and read things thoroughly.
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    As would many other problems :p
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    While it sounds good, it may not be best idea to give everyone everything on the silver platter. If you want to run good server and be competitive, you need to invest some time to study how things should be made. So if you see good server, it means admin invested some work into it and it will probably continue to do so, not just followed some tutorial.

    Maybe not make it straightforward step by step?
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    I like the idea. In many more ways I hate it. The first thing that comes to mind are the people that have no computer knowledge. They see this guide and think "dam that's easy!" when it's not.(well to start up) With making it easy more people will make them making the ability to get a large player base much harder.(It's hard enough already) When I started my server I read almost every guide out there. Once I started I felt so nooby. Like already said, experience is the best teacher. Read the basic guides, and if you have the drive to learn it all by yourself, you have earned yourself a rightful spot on the server list.
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    Would this cover LITERALLY everything? From how to deal with rulebreakers to how to get donations?
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    This wouldn't cover everything, it would be a simple resource that would help you get through the first steps - So it might show you how to get your first rank setup, but it won't tell you how to setup the 10 or 20 ranks after that.
    It would guide you in the right direction for certain things, giving tips and pointers, but you would have to do most of the work yourself

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    If it's just the very basics, there are already a million videos and documents that tell you how to do those things.
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    That is a very awesome resource, though I can't say that I like it mediawiki - In my opinion it is way too limiting in forms of style and navigation, as well as other things.
    I also very much dislike the wiki markup language - Not really my style (I guess it's preference).

    The resources I (might) make would have things such as Syntax Highlighter working with .yml snippets, to show off everything it's full glory (and colors!)
    While a lot of them are great, they don't do too good of a job on some things, like consistency - As most guide videos are a 1 video series, and do not go in dept into other important aspects about it as well.

    Many of these videos sadly skip over important things as well... and are almost all limited to when you're running the server on your own computer, which in reality is not generally the case (if you're looking to make something that'll last).

    The things that are mostly skipped is what I'm hoping to cover.

    Yeah, I see what you're saying about having to do research on many things yourself...

    Hmmm, well maybe I'll just cover somewhat unknown things such as how to get your IP to change into, troubleshooting configuration, ect.

    On the flipside, not everyone is as "computer savvy" (like the co-owner on my server), but they have great ideas, great building skills, and spend just as much time in their own right making their server grow big -
    Those people - the ones who truly work for it, should not be denied it, and those who just follow guides all day long will be in the end, left with a "average" server that no one really wants to play on - because it's boring and they've already played on like 50 other servers with the exact same gamestyle.

    If your server looses it's playerbase to a few servers made up mostly from guides - then it probably didn't do enough to stay ahead of the other servers.
    If your server is unique, amazing, and fun, you could use these guides to quickly get ahead on something new, something interesting, or even if you don't use them at all - a good server will barely be affected by more rival servers made with guides...

    After all, custom unique = better. (At least in my opinion)

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