Server crash, no errors.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MadBluey, Aug 13, 2012.

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    My server crashed today, i searched for a problem but couldn't find any. Nothing in the server.log, i couldn't find a java OOM log, no logs about this in /var/log , absolutely nothing i could find. It just stopped -.-.

    Server.log (Removed the player names)
    2012-08-13 14:32:29 [INFO] [M] SomePlayer1:Text
    2012-08-13 14:32:32 [INFO] [M] SomePlayer: Text
    2012-08-13 14:36:40 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.3.1
    It crashed craftbukkit totally. So i had to manually start it 4 minutes later. (Autorestart on crash, is enabled, but somehow it doesn't start

    I recently updated to java7 (yesterday), because java6 didn't support orebfuscatorlite. After upgrading i have had a few problems , but this has been the most severe.

    Is linux kernel killing my JVM ? Host killing my JVM ? Or what ? Where can i find , where it gets killed and why.

    Java 1.7 64bit
    Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

    Need more info, ask.


    Ok, it was killed, the screen was still there somehow, but it stated it was killed. Where can i find a log that says by what it was killed by ?

    Server runs on ubuntu 11.04.

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    Was that in the minecraft console for a bash message?

    Check inside your /var/log folder and dig around at some of those files to see what they say. kern.log and syslog, for instance may help point you in the right direction.

    I'm trying to find where java places it's log files as we speak, it's not something i've ever had to deal with before!

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    Minecraft console in the SSH only said .


    Server.log - says nothing.

    /var/log 's i have checked them all , but didn't find nothing. Kernels log is empty, the ROOT server didn't crash! Only the screen for craftbukkit crashed.
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    I can help you with that. How many ram have you dedicated to the server? Because if you have placed too much ram on your server and you are running programs that uses some ram, the crash may be caused because the server don't have the ram that you have dedicated to it.
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    Server has 4g of ram, allocated 2524 for JVM (2302M for bukkit) , 100-300M is for Mysql and Apache, webconsole (Spacebukkit) uses 30-100M (Right now disabled), if the server runs it uses usually between 3.2g - 3.5g (80-85%), i have a 300MB window of ram for any memory leaks that can happen and right now the window is 500Mb. I restart bukkit every 3hours, to keep it fresh.

    The server runs nicely, 20-35 people online most of the time. TPS:20, memory usage is between 700-1700MB inside the server.

    Need more info ?
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    since 1.3 ive been havging ghost crashes also. nothing in console, nothing in the logs, no hs_err crash files..
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    Hmmm... Had another "ghost-crash", this is weird, because screen closed this time.

    Is it possible to make a little script that, if this crash happens ,then it will screen sh ./ 30 seconds later ? I haven't thought that out yet , because the screen doesn't close sometimes.

    In the bukkit.yml i have restart-script-location: ./ , but somehow it doesn't work. (Tried ( is 777)
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    Yes im having it too. sometimes it says it has run out of memory and sometimes ghost crashes, the minecraft window shuts down.

    and i get green light on the screen when playing... then normally if that happens either i get memory run out or ghost crash.

    This all happends since 1.3 came out. There isnt much we can do i quess. Till the new update comes out.
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    I just want to find the logs for what happened, because i am still baffled of what is going on -.-.

    Searched all the logs in /var/log 's for errors, found an apache cakePHP_error, downloaded php-mysql pack and that should be fixed.

    I just haven't found where java errors are.

    And somehow i found a folder in my minecraft folder named crash-reports, but these are from 5-8. august and i think these are because of craftbukki and should be fixed by the new builds ,because the reports have stopped after 8 august. If anyone wants these i can upload them all to .
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    Ok i'll try things today.

    Decrease java heap size. (-200MB)
    Disable my panel , only use SSH ( -100MB)

    Ram usage decrease to 3.0g

    If this works , I don't know what is causing this, the first thing that caught my mind was that my host is overselling -.-. Because i haven't used the full 4G in months, only 3.5 - 3.8 on extreme situations.
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