Sell All signs with multipliers

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Sakarakis, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Sell/Economy?

    Suggested name: SellAllSigns

    What I want:-Ability to sell all of a certain block/material
    -Ability to give players multipliers for the prices on the signs with a command (Default multiplier is 1.0)
    -When you use the sign it sends the player a message (EX: <Amount> items sold for <total>. (<price each> with a multiplier of <multiplier amount>)
    -What the sign would look like:

    if you don't understand by what I mean with multipliers, if I did /sam <player> 1.50, it would make it so <player> sells everything for 1.5x what the price on the sign says.

    Ideas for commands: /sam <player> <multiplier> (sam = sell all multiplier)

    Ideas for permissions: sa.create, sa.use

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday.

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    My Plugin QuickSell allows you to create Sell All Signs as well as multipiers. Link is in my signature.

    And please dont bump within 24 hours.
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