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    I have an idea that would actually solve quite a few things on my server but here it is:

    A plugin in which I can group selected chunks (side-by-side) together and will only load when someone enters the chunk. Along with when your in the selected chunk area, only those chunks are visible and chunks that are not in that area will not load. So in theory I can have to structures close to each other but still a good distance apart, and if you enter one structure, you can't see the other, and visa versa. This could also help with lag on a world/server that doesn't need extra chunks loading that has nothing it them but causes both memory and power to have loaded.
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    Didnt understand what you want, probably wont do either, but with (shh, dont let bukkit staff see) __spigot__ you can set the view-distance to 1, than it'll load and send to the player only the chunk that he is
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    Hmm, I don't think you can forcibly unload chunks from the client.
    Even if I unload a chunk on the server, the client will have it in their chunk cache, won't they?

    Anyone do any tests on this? The documentation suggests this is not really possible, and you can't even cancel the ChunkLoadEvent.
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    Well I don't mean to unload a chunk, unless it is sounding like it, but I was aiming for when you enter a region, those chunks load and if you have not been out of the region, those chunks outside the region don't load. Like being teleported to a flat lands where a game is, its annoying to remove all the blocks around the stage so make it so that the chunks outside the region don't load so the client only sees what chunks you wish them to see... Or is this still on the same basis as you presented?
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    Sort of.
    Like I said, I don't think you can cancel the ChunkLoadEvent.

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