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    Plugin category: Fun?

    Suggested name: SecretChests

    What I want: i want a plugin to make all of the chests on a server disguise as a block. inside the config file there is a spot saying what the chest turns into so like stone or grass etc so this plugin will disguise all chests on a server to the designated block in the config file. ALLSO (you don't have to add this but it would be good if you did) if you can make it so the player who openens the chests can see the chest for a certain amount of time the time is set in the config. so over all i want the config to say what block the chests disguise into and how long the chests are undisguised for a player for. thats the config. for the actual plugin all the chests on a server are disguised as a block (block set in config) then once a player opens the chest they can see it as a normal chest not disguised for a certain amount of time (time set in config). then admins can toggle it off so they see all chests. so when they do /sc admin they can see all the chests placed for unlimited time till they type the command again

    Ideas for commands: /sc reload, /sc off, /sc on,/sc admin

    Ideas for permissions: sc.onoff (can toggle on and off), sc.admin (can do /sc admin), sc.rl (can /sc reload)

    When I'd like it by: sooner then 3months but if you can ASAP <3
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    I'll try to do this, even thogh it seems preety complicated (the Admin toggle).
    I'll try my best and tell you what I can do :)
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  3. PreFiXAUT If the brackets imply what I think they do, I would say the admin toggle isn't the complicated part.
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    Uhm it is. You need to make the Chest ONLY for the Player (who executed the Command) visible. This means you need to work with Packets > You need to modify the World-Packets and set the Blocks where the Chests are to Chests again.
    You may also want to do it in the other way, so all normal Players are getting the Modified Packets, so the Admins are getting a real chest (Opening'n'Stuff)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Or something like that xDDD
    I'm in my work and had no time to search for anything. When I'm at home I can work on the Plugin :)
  7. PreFiXAUT I was just saying, based on the request you'll have to have a way to log which are real chests, and to send the real chest to a player when they click on it... so surely, regardless on how easy or difficult you find that, surely the 'admin toggle' would be as simple as storing a boolean and using the method?
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    It's not difficult to log all Chests and the Boolean. I was just curious about the visibility of the Chests which isn't that hard what it seems.
    As I already said > I'm not at home and I didn't even start with anything, so I have no real Idea how difficult it's going to be. So could we now stop that nonsence and wait till I start? thx
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    :D ya someone will try to make it! thanks
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    you don't have to do the admin toggle if its too hard for you.
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    If PreFiXAUT doesn't make it by tomorrow, I'll go ahead and have a go. :)
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    You can start with it if you want, it's surely gonna take time because I'm working on ~3 other Plugins too :/

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