Inactive [SEC]SurfaceProtect v0.1.1 - prevent moon-like surfaces (Towny,Permissions) [1000]

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    Support for this plugin has been discontinued. If you wish to take over, please contact me.
    SurfaceProtect - prevent moon-like surfaces
    Version: v0.1.1, tested against 1000 (should work with any)

    For those of you who don't want their server to look like the moon.

    • Protect your world from a certain block and higher, allowing people to mine underneath while the surface still looks pretty.
    • Per-world adjustable settings.
    • Adjustable y-limit - in case we get those custom world-gens working.
    • Item-whitelist - list of items which can be placed above the surface.
    • Towny-support, if an action takes place inside a town, this plugin won't intervene.
    • Permissions-support
    Downloads (v0.1):
    Jar (github)
    Jar (dropbox)
    Source (github)

    Supported plugins:
    Commands (starts with /sp or /surfprot, () denote aliases):
    Show Spoiler

    • (r)eload - reloads the world-settings
    • (e)rror(m)essage {message} - sets the error message to be displayed when someone tries to edit a block, if {message} is not given, the current error-message will be displayed
    • (w)orlds - shows a list of worlds and their statuses
    • (s)et(l)imit world ylimit - adjusts how high you're allowed to mine
    • (s)et(p)protect world (t)rue/(f)alse - adjust whether a world is protected
    • (t)oggle(p)rotect world - adjust protection
    • (w)hite(l)ist add itemid - add an item to the whitelist
    • (w)hite(l)ist add itemid - remove an item from the whitelist
    • Without /sp or /surfprot:
      • /(a)llowed(i)tems - for players: shows what items are allowed

    Permissions-nodes (defaults to OP without):

    • [medium] Some sort of automated mineshaft-creation.
    • [low] More advanced protection
    Known issues
    • Creepers can still blow things up.
    • It won't help if someone launches TNT from beneath (or makes a tnt-chain beneath the surface)
    • v0.1.1
      • Customizable error-messages
    • v0.1
      • Initial release
    Please leave feedback and bug reports
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    I like the idea, i get tired of the outside of my Neutral towny town looking like a crater. My solution at this point has just been using mods to disable the explosion on creeper but keep damage...
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    Could you make a configurable error message for when people try to build/destroy in protected areas?
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    Added to todo
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    Thanks man!
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    Nick Lozon

    I was going to make a plugin IDENTICAL to this, except I was planning on hooking it into Permissions Anti-Build.

    One thing I need to work though is if the player is in a region of WorldGuard that they own. Maybe I will fork this and make my changes and push them to you if you wish to use it.
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    could you maby make something that shows all of the commands for towny you can use?
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    Uhm, Towny has that.
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    oh lol still in the prosess of makeing my server lol
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    Will keep an eye on this in hopes it gets updated.
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    I won't check for bugs related to 1.7 until a build without the dupe exploit is promoted. Though: I doubt my plugin wouldn't work for 1.7. If you decide to try it out on 1.7, please report back with results.
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    @TZer0 Are you still planning on updating this?
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    It should be working. I'll change the 860 to 1000 if it makes you feel safe :)
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    Oh okay, thanks!
  15. is this being updated to 1.8? soes it still work?
  16. nope i tried this it did nothing can i get some info on if this is still being supported?
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    Nice! Exactly what i was looking for! Works with mc 1.0.0!
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    Can you update? please. I liked that plugin. I Will use it in a adventure server
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    This is discontinued you should know by now unless your blund. This thread should•be marked discontinued or locked. md_5
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    Or it might be because I recently updated the thread.
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    it workd, but when i want to screate a town it says i cnt afford it but i have 20000000$ i use iconomy6
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    What the...

    You do realize this plugin has nothing to do with economy?
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    how else are you going to buy a town?
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    Then I'd like you to find references to iConomy in my source code right here:

    Good luck.

    Also, I'd like you to find references to creating towns in my plugin as well.
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    i dont get it. if I only install towny as plugin will it work?
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    I think you should go find the documentation for Towny. This isn't Towny, this is SurfaceProtect.

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