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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Olof Larsson, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

    I'm looking into creating version two of the plugin Factions.
    Please help me with ideas for the functionality.

    This is what I came up with so far:

    What are you thought's on Karma and Territory systems?
    What are your thought's in general? :p

    Find inspiration here:
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    The one problem I have with Towny and Factions is chunk selection. I think going cuboid is a very good idea. My ideal would be the Residence area selection system (basically plots can be made into many shapes by adding cuboids). Price could be based on block.
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    @Olof Larsson You cannot even believe how excited about this. Factions is really quite possibly my favorite plugin ever. Anyways, I agree, cuboids would be a great addition. An easier way to capture large areas of chunks might be cool though too.
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    I *hate* cuboid selection. My players *hate* cuboid selection. Cuboid selection while very flexible. becomes overly complicated and provides no set path of growth for claiming more areas. Instead you are now required to do block counting (like residence) or to force size limitations on the size of a cube. On top of that, cube detection requires more variable checking, and in my mind does not fit an expanding townlike structure.

    Now if you don't like how long it takes someone to claim an area, you could easily add a claim radius allowance for commands to allow a player to claim say, a radius of 2 chunks. etc.

    We use Cubeoids in LocalShops, and a good amount of players just simply fail at understanding how to handle the selection process. So we have an auto-size that's server defineable to allow a generic shop width/height.
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    I have a major Suggestion including MULTIWORLD
    how about Factions bound to specific worlds. aka I can be in the Guild HsG in the world SMP and in the guild HsG2 in the world world. This is something Ive been lookin for for quite a while now. I do suggest however that it has it so you can do for example. World1 = world, world_nether and World2 = smp, smp_nether
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    Hey Olaf. Battlecraft is looking for a system to automate + player-control our Clans system, and Factions has *always* been just out of our reach because of A: chunk selection (not many are huges fans of it, especially with a server of 500-1000 regular users, and a medium-small map), and B: Chat prefixes not having a VIP system built-in...

    We would be willing to pay you to get this plugin to do just what we need, let me know if you're interested.
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    The biggest problem with the original factions (for my server) was the fact that one or two idiots from a faction could get trolled/killed a few times and accidentally lose most of their friends' land.
    We had situations where one user (with their own personal faction or with no faction) would troll a faction with a few members and steal their land, then claim, grief, and unclaim it. There's really nothing you can do against a one man grief army in factions because provided that he doesnt claim any land besides your own, he has nothing to lose.
    If you can close this loophole, factions 2 will be a big deal.
    I would suggest making it so people can't take over factions land without having some of their own, and if they don't have their own land anymore any factions land that they claimed in the last few days will revert to its rightful owner. That'll sort a lot of this one man troll band or small group of trolls nonsense.
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    @Olof Larsson
    After thinking about this for a little while, I had some new ideas:
    • Instead of claiming just one single chunk, you claim a configurable number of chunks around that one chunk at once.
    • This is were factions changes a lot: I think that capturing enemy faction land needs to be completely revamped. Factions, in my opinion, has mostly been used for pvp between groups. This is why I think that that single chunk that was claimed in the last idea should become something similar to a command post, kind of like SW Battlefront. Although the power system should probably be kept in some regard, I feel that something else should also affect capturing, like the number of faction A's players trying to capture faction B's "command post". I.E., the more people you have attempting to capture the "command post", the post is captured quicker. (many of these ideas are also being put into a plugin that is currently being developed, and I think is done @Orcem12 )
    • When the "command post" is captured, the number of chunks around it is captured too.
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    Hey Spec finally got internet, lol, anyways this plugin idea seems very interesting, @Olof Larsson I'm working on a "capture" plugin that falls heavily into the category on which you want factions V2 to work. My plugin could be a side swipe for this one, or rather a "battle enhancer " Get back to me if you are curious the plugin is done but Other country hotels don't allow uploading/downloading so I'm still stuck until I get home (July 29th)

    What about war then?
    War between factions can take place in war-zones and then bee seen as legal (you won’t loose karma when killing players there).

    My plugin could give a different game mode that I think you will enjoy ;)
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    Definately would like to see Multiworld. I feel that's been requested a lot, for factions, and hopefully will be added soon :)
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    Hey Olof, I'm really interested in Factions 2. I read the stuff you've written on it so far, looks really good. If you need any webhosting or a test server let me know, more than happy to help.
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    I recently proposed something very similar on the Minecraft forums. Mostly, I wanted to combine the territory-claiming ability and allies/neutral/war engine of Factions with the resident-town-nation heirarchy of Towny, but without the intrusive baggage (rent + taxes, "power" system) of either. Also, a player should be able to found multiple towns and be the lord of all of them at the same time, and found multiple factions and be Warlord of all of them.

    Mostly, I would REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like to be able to have SPACES in the town and faction names!
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    I'm loving this hope you can develop something soon :D My suggestions would be a revamp of the power system. Like stated above I think that in order to take control of an area (one thats controlled by another faction) a minimum number of players must occupy that zone (say 2 for the example) and for every 1 defending player the number of players capturing goes down. (So if 4 attacking players show up to contest a zone and 3 opposing players show up to defend the zone only 1 of the attacking players counts toward capturing, if the defending players killed off an attacker then the zone would stop being captured until the number of alive players changed again). Contested zones would require a certain amount of time in order to be captured and it would go faster the more players you had capturing (There should still be say a minimum time in which both factions are alerted the the zone is contested and no capturing takes place durring that time, no surprise fast captures). So a better example: (Picture soon) (meh w/e if you really want me to finish the pic I will but only on request XD )
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    A new chat system would be great. Because as of now people spam in the global chat, and forget to use the Faction Chat. So creating chat channels would be really nice. Also a default local channel or something like that.

    Also it would be great if it supported mChat, I like having prefixes.
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    I don't know of anyone that's currently developing something like this. I can see how it might be a cool idea if you want to integrate taxes and such , but since you already just said you don't want to do that. then I don't really see a reason why you would want to let your players claim more than 1 town area or be a part of more than 1 town.

    on a Sidenote I'm mucking around with a region API to deal with Static sized Cube-based areas (16x16x16 cubes)
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    This is a small request, but I think an important one; if Faction remains only one player, or no one in that faction joins the game for a certain amount of time, could that Faction be disbanded automaticly?
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    Not sure what Olof is still planning as he took down the v2 doc, and hasn't been online much. I can say that I have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish though, and have been working on getting a region backend working before moving onto any form of faction/town creation.
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    Any kind of ETA's? or an ETA for a ETA?
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    Pretty nice to know that you are updating factions to a V2 !!!

    Imo, factions is a PvP version of Towny. I have both enabled in my server, factions being cheap to get, towns something very expensive. I believe that if Factions were planned to work-out with Towny, would be a cool idea. In my server almost every city, has it own Faction to defend the city.

    Now that iconomy support has been added, pvp could steal other faction players money, and a factions PvP rank would be very intresting. Besides that, cant imagine something simple to add. Most features i can think off is work-out with other plugins wuch as Lwc/Lockette by removing protections when other factions claims and using worldguard region system for protection.

    Besides such i think the plugin is very good as it is, some enchancements are aways cool tho.
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    I also like Towny integration, it would add a lot to servers. And as for the Chests locks coming off after being captured, I'd love to have that as well. Also, if a user hasn't be on for a certain amount of time, I think his Faction, and chest locks all should come off.
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    In fact, as tought, i think Factions could replace Towny. Its way more lightweight then towny, however not very 'region customizable'. There are only 3 features i miss from Towny in Factions, witch i think if it had it would start to replace towny.

    - Customizable lands. Sell lands inside factions separately with separate chest permissions.
    - Neutrallity: Faction owners could toggle neutral mode to set the faction neutral for 3 days for example, it can loose powert but enemy cant claim your territory. This would cost.
    - Creating Cityes. 3 factions with united territory could create a City.
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    Add the posibility to turn off the territory capturing please! all i want is that your plugin is great but i don't like the territory thing or i just don't need it ATM.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    How is it coming along? :p
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    When will it be released? I love all the features you are going to add.
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    Coloured faction tags should be a must (With colour codes) and some sort of a bb
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