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    [​IMG]PermitThis, the plugin to control everything you want

    I actually needed this plugin for my own new serverproject, but after getting requests by some friends to make it public. Its actually under developement but the main features are implemented. Its also good to stop those damn Xray users from using Diamondtools and lateron Diamondarmor.

    This plugin allows you to give permissions for nearly anything you want to permit or allow. This means, placeing block x needs the perm a blockbreak or placement).x(name of the block). At the moment perms also work for tools and weapons just like pt.use.wood_sword.

    If the player dont got the perm the event is cancelled and he gets an error message.

    There is no such thing like a configuration file cause you configurate everything with the permissions, so i already created superperms which make it fairly easy to set it up.



    General structure for single perms:
    pt.use.(tool or weapon)

    Superperms so far:
    pt.* do everything
    pt.use.* use everything* break and place every block

    pt.use.wood --> use wooden tools (also works with diamond, iron, stone) --> some superperms i created which contain serveral permission (will list them later)


    ver. 2.37
    - added the ability to permit playerdamage
    - perms for this: pt.dmg.* --> pt.dmg.(cause)
    ver. 2.36b
    - fixed some small bugs
    - added new superpem, including all blocks except obsidian, gold- iron- and diamondblock, fire and tnt called
    ver. 2.36
    - fixed the playerdamagebug, no consolespawn and player gets message
    ver. 2.35
    - melonseeds, pumpkinseeds and furnance fixed
    - removed bedrock from the vegetation superper <-- y was that in there 0.o
    ver. 2.34
    - air and fire permission fix
    - cancel playerdamage on others when not allow to use the weapon

    Known Bugs
    None so far, please tell me if you find some, i will remove them really fast=)

    to do:
    add even more things to permit

    Short Example:
    Case 1: I want a normal user to be able to break any block ecxept diamond ore, tnt, lava and diamondblocks, want him to be able to use only wood, stone and iron tools, and also want him to not be affected by explosion damage, projectile damage and drowing damage
    The Solution:
    To permit the diamond tnt and lava, i give him (which includes nearly every nondangerous block) and also give him, and because the nondangerous superperm excludes hem
    now the tools:
    i give him
    To "permit" the damage dealt, i give him:
    -->i may have done some mistakes with the exact names cause i didnt looked them up, but
    this should give you a brief look into the configurqation.

    This may sound really omplex for you but it just logical, if you look up the plugin.yml which is found in the permitthis.jar, you see all the superperms and can easily use them to cornfigure you perms really easy.
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    Cool, thats what i needed=) may you also add noob protection and enchant perms etc?
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    any bugs so far? i hope i finally implemented all the blocks^^
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    Erm do an after effect 1 ? LIKE if you step on fire even if you leave it and step on other blocks you still burn right ? cancel the after effect

    ( also i dun kinda know how to install perm so can u make the suggestion at the top without perm ? )
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    luke100 i recoded the section for you remvoes firedamage firetickdamage and lavadamange with nfd.(world you want to deny it, you have to write it right).avoid
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    Thanks bro ( about to cry in rl ) you truly are a friend ! Mind I post on forum nfd for you ? I would give you whatever rights . Oh yeah ! XD I dont own all of this . Also Im changing account To Boxeh ~~
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    No problem=) i didnt understand all of the stuff you've written, maybe you tell me again what you will do ;)
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    Changed title to make categories separated by /
  9. So if I want a user to be able to do everything, except place TNT, I would have to write, one for each block, except TNT?
    It would certainly be a lot easier, if you could exclude certain blocks from the superperms, or something :)*

    Like this maybe? Perms with - before them are excluded ;P Cool plugin, I just think it seems like a lot of work, if you just want to ban a few blocks ;)
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    Will you PLEASE update this plugin with a wiki or something? This is exactly what I need for my server.

    I need to be able to control everything.
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    There is a superperm called which allows everything except Fire, TNT, Lava, Diamondblocks and Goldblocks so just give this superperm an add the rest

    Actually it doesnt need a real wiki cause everything is controlled over the perms but i will expand the description

    I dont need this Plugin anymore so i wont develop it if nobody needs it, please tell me if so, than i will update and improove it

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    Great Plugin,

    What do i type into the console to Permit a block?
    I have tried:
    None work?
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    no, you dont have any commands with this plugin, just permissions, just like or worldedit.* so if you want a user to be able to break and plant grass add the permission

    btw: i added an expample in the top post for you
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    Where do i need to add the permission?
    is it in the permissions.yml? and if so do i just type in and save it?
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    i dont know if you have a webconsole which does it automatically but yes you need to add it to the permissions.yml
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    ohhh ok, thank you, After i add it to permissions.yml and save it.
    I run the server and it says permissions.yml is not a valid YAML?
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    you may have done a sytanx mistake, YAML is very strict with its sytax, check if you didnt put a doublepoint after a perms or sth like that
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    Project is now on BukkitDEv including a Permissions wiki, hope it helps
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    does this work with commands for plugins too?
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    Could you please add abbility to permit crafting (actually just using Crafting Table)?
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    well please look at the dev page, im in my finals, but i will add it soon
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    Hope you will keep updating this plugin and wont abandon it cause its really USE FULL.

    for an ex if you dont have the pt.use.iron or pt.use.cobble, can you collect them but not place or use? i mean or pt.use.cobble? if im still wrong you get what i mean
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    Can this be used to prevent a certain class of user from killing friendly mobs server wide? If not, is that a feature you'd be willing to add?
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    Can You add permission for killing animals? It will be very useful for servers where is jobs plugin. There is a farmer job - with this perm, only he will be able to kill animals :)

    Sorry for my english i'm from Poland ;]

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